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Body Science Compression - Fitness Equipment

Body Science Compression - Fitness Equipment

About Body Science Compression

Every Body Science Compression garment is made of the finest Australian quality materials and workmanship. Body Science knows the importance of sports science. While many companies claim compression, Body Science boasts the new generation Multi Directional Targeted Medical Grade Compression Garment. Sounds technical – it is, but it still looks and feels great.

Our corporate mission is to research, formulate and manufacture performance exercise compression and healthy lifestyle supplements. Our team aims to develop safe and effective solutions for a strong healthy body. We seek to improve life, the body and the body’s physical and mental performance.

Body Science guarantee that every product sold from our range contains exactly what it says on the label and if any customer wants to question this guarantee, feel free, give us a ring on our toll free tech support line 1-800-359-933, Mon-Fri 9-5. In our company there is no room for products that are less than stated on the label.

Body Science has a strict policy of only releasing products that can be supported by results not just a label claim. We include amounts that have been shown to work in research and real life. This means results. Our products generate word of mouth recommendation and repeat business, the honest way we wish to grow our business.

Our philosophy is excellence throughout our organization. We always welcome athlete and consumer feedback to constantly improve every area of our business. Whether its recovery, muscle, losing bodyfat or improving speed, strength and stamina, Body Science and its range of products are designed for maximum results.

Body Science Compression Garments We Carry

We carry:

  • BSC compression clothing

To visit Body Science Compression's website click here.

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