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Hyper Wear - Fitness Apparel

Hyper Wear - Fitness Apparel

About Hyper Wear

Hyper Wear, LLC has been created to bring innovative products to market in the areas of sports performance training, physical education and fitness, tactical training, and health and rehab.

We include the support and endorsement of nationally recognized experts who stand behind our products and assist with research and development. A common element across the product line is the use of innovative fabrics, materials and design to build a recognizable, valuable brand known for innovation, quality, values, ethics, and care for its community of customers. Hyper Wear products will be a catalyst for healthy lifestyles. Athletes want to be the fastest and strongest on the field of play. People want fit bodies and good health.

Hyper Wear began as a 'Touch of Grace' upon Cosmo Raines, during high school when he began training with a weight vest to improve his vertical for basketball and decided he could develop something far superior. Cosmo began refining his ideas during college at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and later filed for and received a patent in 1999. In 2003, Cosmo finally found the specialized fabric that would make the Hyper Vest work just as he had imagined in high school.

Cosmo ventured out with the newly prototyped Hyper Vest, backed with lots of prayer, and began showing it to whomever took the time to listen. Along his path, Cosmo was lead to CATZ training center in Austin, where the head trainer, Bill Meyer, and his brother, Tim Meyer, showed interest in the Hyper Vest and allowed Cosmo access to the elite athletes and sports teams they trained. The prototypes werea hit and the owner of the Austin CATZ franchise, Dirk Buikema, became determined to help Cosmo bring the Hyper Vest to market. From there, Hyper Wear has been blessed with a rapid succession of new product ideas and partners such as the SandBell sandbag weight and the Hyper Precool Vest. The future is unlimited.

Hyper Wear - Fitness Equipment We Carry

We carry:

  • Hyper Wear Sandbell and Steelbell
  • Hyper Wear Weighted Vest

To visit the Hyper Wear website click here.

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