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Keiser - Indoor Cycles & Spin Bikes

Keiser - Indoor Cycles & Spin Bikes

About Keiser Cardio Equipment

Keiser began more than 30 years ago in the training of world class athletes. They began in sports because they recognized that there are two components to any human movement; 1. The force you produce, and 2. The speed at which you produce it.

While everyone else focused only on the development of force, they focused on both. Anyone can train at any speed at any given resistance. By developing speed as well as strength, you develop Power. Research has shown that Power is the key to human performance; whether you are an elite athlete or an older adult.

Performance based sports and training is nothing new to Keiser. In fact, due to the proven effectiveness of their patented Pneumatic System their machines are designed with the functional trainer in mind. The worlds top training facilities know that Keiser is the be all that ends all when it comes to training.

About Keiser Spin Bikes (Indoor Cycles)

Called by many the cardio cycling system of choice the Keiser indoor cycles have spawned a following of trainers and facilities worldwide.Now the tradition of fun, effective, easy to maintain cardio continues with the Keiser M Series indoor cardio equipment including the M3 Indoor Cycle, M5 Strider elliptical and the M3 Total Body Trainer.

Keiser Spin Bike Models We Carry

At Fitness Town, we sell and ship Keiser spin bikes across Canada.

We carry:

  • Keiser M3 Spin Bikes
  • Keiser M3i Indoor Cycles
  • Keiser M3 Total Body Trainer
  • Keiser M3X indoor Cycle

To visit the Keiser Cardio Equipment web site click here.

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