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Tiger Tail - Fitness Accessories

Tiger Tail - Fitness Accessories

About Tiger Tail

The story of Tiger Tail started in the garage where I created my first prototype. My gut told me I had an interesting product, but based on my first product launch experience, I seriously doubted how something so simple could be successful. But - I went with my gut - and as an inventor with experience, I kept my new ""baby"" under wraps. I decided to make 125 of them, created a sales sheet and I took them to the International Seattle Bike Show. When I sold out of them, i thought I might be on to something. I wasn't completely convinced. So, I built another 150 and took them to another show. Sold those and did the same. Build. Sell. Repeat. Build enough to sell. Pay for inventory. Repeat along the way. I continued to do this until I could no longer keep up, ultimately making the first 20,000 in my own garage - one by one. Now manufacturing team keeps up with the demands my thousands of customers have helped create (Thank you). To this day, Tiger Tails are still proudly Made in USA and each Tiger Tail goes through my original production process to ensure the highest quality. I am most proud to say that to date, Tiger tail has made millions of muscles happy.

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