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BSC Womens Compression Elite Capri Pant

BSC Womens Compression Elite Capri Pant
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BSC Womens Compression Elite Capri Pant

Walking, Running, Training

BSc Targeted compression is a science that takes into account knowledge of muscle shapes and their functions allowing the design of the most advance compression garment on the market today. The art behind BSc targeted compression garment lies in its patent pending ten panel design enabling unprecedented muscle support and graded compression to the entire leg group.

Women’s compression designed for a women’s body. The BSc women’s compression range utilises exclusive targeted gradient compression with women’s body moulded panel technology implemented for the ultimate in support and performance.

Additional Performance facts of BSc’s Women’s compression:
  • Have been shown to increase vertical jump height by 2.4cm instantly!
  • Can instantly increase your running economy.
  • Can facilitate recovery between closely spaced training sessions.
  • Are as effective as the popular yet uncomfortable ice bath recovery sessions used by professional athletes and teams.
  • Can significantly reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after both strength training and endurance training in both elite athletes and total beginners.
  • Will not negatively effect movement or temperature regulation.

Body Science Targeted Compression from BKAthletics on Vimeo.


BSC Womens Compression Elite Capri Pant


The action of running involves constant movements between extension and flexion causing a great degree of oscillatory movement to occur in skeletal muscles particularly the quadriceps as they are forced to accelerate, decelerate and absorb impact shocks. The panel arrangement implemented by BSc targeted compression garment acts to enclose each of the 4 Quadriceps muscles like a sheath significantly reducing longitudinal and anterior-posterior muscle oscillation ultimately aiding muscle recovery post exercise.


The Adductors or Groin consists of 4 muscles which are responsible for Adduction, hip flexion and lateral rotation of the thigh. Groin Strains are quite common with these muscles due to muscles becoming hypertonic with use and when stretched often tear. BSc targeted compression panels have been designed to increase groin proprioception via greater feedback from skin proprioceptors as a consequence of the tactile interaction between the garments and the skin surface whiles also enhancing the core muscle temperature, ultimately resulting in fewer incidents of injury.


Explosive actions of the leg often start from the Gluteal muscle. One of the strongest muscles in the human body, special attention has been made in BSc targeted compression design in targeting this muscle group. Seam and panel alignment provide the ultimate in compression by enhancing blood flow to the Gluteal muscle group and acting as an elastic band by providing stored potential energy in the compression garments to facilitate explosive power.


A complex muscle in design, the Hamstrings consists of 3 muscles which are predominantly responsible for flexion of the knee and extension of the thigh making it a central muscle in athletic disciplines. The cut of BSc targeted compression hamstring panel has been designed to keep these 3 muscles in line and at optimal position. This allows a reduction in the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) by accelerating the inflammatory and repair timeframe within the muscle.

Body Heat Management

As a natural consequence of performing exercise the body produces heat, however in many sports the environmental conditions athletes are subjected to can further challenge the body's ability to regulate temperature. Knowledge of this has lead BSc to employ a catch, move, release moisture management technology in the fabric of all its compression garments to ensure superior temperature regulation. This technology is coupled with breathable mesh panels in differing targeted areas of the body further promoting the body's ability to regulate shifting temperatures.


BSC Womens Compression Elite Capri Pant

  • Targeted® Compression - Targeted compression to major muscle groups improves performance, delays fatigue, reduces injury and speeds recovery.
  • Superior Fabric - Therapeutically rated knit construction offers highest denier and gsm for longer life compression and durability.
  • Body Mapping Technology - Enhanced circulation from independently tested body mapping gradient compression.
  • Muscle Power+ - Calculated power yarn means focused force, power and control over muscle vibration.
  • Perma-Dry - Advanced permanent catch, move and release system, wicks moisture faster and further.
  • Thermo-Control - Optimises body temperature for the life of the garment, keeping athletes cool quicker and for longer.
  • Body-Fresh - Anti-bacterial and microbiological silver weave does not wash out, unlike other chemical treatments.
  • UV Block - SPF50+
  • Increases oxygen delivery to working muscles for improved exercise performance
  • Maximizes explosive power and strength properties of the body
  • Aggressive moisture movement for optimal comfort
  • Improves running speed and efficiency
  • Aids post exercise recovery and muscle soreness

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