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Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massage

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massage
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Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massage

The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager is a hand-held foam roller that helps prevent injury, increase performance and speed recovery. Our signature orange and black Tiger Tail is known world-wide and used by professionals, amateurs and fitness lovers of all kinds for its speedy effectiveness and performance. In fact, professional athletes and athletic trainers for professional teams use Tiger Tail in their injury prevention and muscle recovery programs. (You name the team and they probably have Tiger Tail in their training room!!!)

Tiger Tail helps relieve muscle knots, aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness. This professional-grade tool is designed for all activity levels and is quick/easy to use. It will help relieve your sore muscles in just 4 minutes or less! Tiger Tail Turns Sore Muscles Into Happy Muscles – Fast!

How To Choose: 18" vs. 22"

If you're wondering how to choose between the 18" and the 22", the only difference in construction is length. The 22" offers 4" more of massage surface. The 18" offers 10" of massage surface and the 22" offers 14" of massage surface (4" handles x 2).

Because it's a perfect 4" longer, the 22" is great for personal and buddy use. Simply put, 22" is best for buddy massage, back massage, people who are less flexible, and for people who are larger in size. If you have a lot of back massages coming your way, you'll want this one. The 22" will do everything you might need it to do for personal use: upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip flexors, calves, feet, quads, etc. – but the extra length does make it easier for using on someone else.

The 18" is a great personal size which also works great on the lower body: hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip flexors, calves, and feet, as well as upper body: upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, etc. The shorter length makes it just a little bit easier to pack into small bags.

Now - I'm not just saying this because you'll buy more Tiger Tails, but the perfect massage arsenal to attack trigger points would be an 18" and a 22" Tiger Tail, along with the Knotty Tiger Knot Buster. That's because I personally keep the 22" by the bed and my 18" in my soccer bag so that I have them when and where I need them most. The Knotty Tiger stays by the bed too because when you're tired and sore, it's great to have both the Tiger Tail and the Knotty Tiger handy.


Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massage

  • Muscle friendly, easy-to-use massage tool
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • Consistent distribution of pressure
  • Cushioned, foam cover spins smoothly
  • Saves fingers and hands from fatigue
  • Closed-cell, non-porous, zero rubber/latex, non-deteriorating, non-absorbing foam
  • Easy to clean: antibacterial gel/spray
  • Take it anywhere: portable/easy-to-pack
  • Firm design won’t bend – apply as little or as much pressure as needed
  • Made in USA. Patent pending.
  • Works on all muscle groups: neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, shins, feet, and more.
Just say no!
  • No muscle torture
  • No hard, cold plastic or wood
  • No spindles, balls, beads or gaps
  • No rolling on the ground
  • No pinched skin, no pulled out hair
  • No breaking or bending out of shape
  • No breaking the bank
  • Three year no-hassle warranty

More Information

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massage

Recommended and Used Daily

Tiger Tail is Recommended and Used Daily by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, and 1000s of people just like you! Use Tiger Tail all the time!

  • Pre-activity: Roll to help warm up muscles and help prepare muscles for activity. Simply roll each muscle group 15-30 seconds.

  • During activity: To help relieve cramps, aches, soreness and tightness.

  • Post-activity: Total body roll and rubdown to help muscle recovery, as well as prevent aches, soreness and discomfort.

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager Instruction Guide

Tiger Tail USA Classic Tiger Tail from Tiger Tail USA on Vimeo.

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