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Tension Relief System Activ8r

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Tension Relief System Activ8r
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Tension Relief System Activ8r

The TRS (Tension Relief System) Activ8r™ delivers effective myofascial release in a package that’s versatile, portable, freezable and washable. The high-density construction and contoured design of the TRS Activ8r™ allows it to sink deep into the tissue achieving a true soft-tissue release, even in hard to reach places, like the mid-back, hip flexors and foot arches. The Activ8r is perfect for home, clinic or gym use. Includes an instructional poster.

The TRS Development team blends the skills and abilities of 3 individuals, combining decades in the health & fitness industry with years of manufacturing and design expertise. After training everyone from the newly active to elite athletes such NHL, CFL, professional baseball and Olympic athletes, it became apparent that there are continual issues with healthy function & mobility of the mid-back or thoracic spine area; an issue that has become very important in the field of sports rehabilitation over the past decade. Due to factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or injury we lose mobility in this area and that is a major problem. If the mid-back cannot rotate, flex or extend optimally the neck and lower back usually pay for it.

Foam rollers are traditionally used to achieve self-myofascial release of the back but they are very awkward and frustrating to use. Also, it is not possible for a foam roller to sink into the tissue of the back deeply enough to achieve a true release. Through trial and error, TRS set out to design a tool that would work more effectively and efficiently for self-myofascial release. The result: a tool that is freezable, washable, packable, low cost and best of all, extremely effective.

As the creators of Tension Relief System, or TRS, we are motivated to provide you with the tools to achieve 'your best movement' in activities and everyday life. Whether you seek to relieve your ongoing back pain, increase the rotation and range of motion in your golf swing, better your posture or prevent future pain, tension or injury - our ‘Body Balls’ will provide the answer you are looking for!

Our mission at TRS is to “create healthy humans through facilitating proper and healthy movement.”


Tension Relief System Activ8r


Releasing the rigid and immobile musculature that lines the spine is the first step to achieving a healthy back.

The next step is to perform repetitions of particular movements to maintain and increase the body’s dynamic range of motion.

Many nagging injuries such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain can be avoided by following this simple routine.

Maximizing Performance

Absolutely everyone who is active will benefit from this product but more competitive athletes will really reap the rewards:

Runners and cyclists can prevent rigidity in their back for optimal movement.

Golfers, baseball players, hockey players and tennis players can generate greater rotational torque with their increased mobility.


Daily living, as well as activity, can cause us to develop lower back stiffness and pain. Some causes of this stiffness can include poor posture, genetics, imbalances or asymmetries in the body and work-related reasons. However, we have the answer for you!

Having been specifically designed to match the anatomy of your spine, the TRS ‘Body Balls’ will provide myofascial release through your mid to lower back area.

More Information

Tension Relief System Activ8r


While there are many different balls on the market for muscle release, I love the TRS Activ8r because its unique shape allows access to muscles on both sides of the spine simultaneously without inducing rotation. Unlike a foam roller, the curvature of the Activ8r nestles into that space between the spinous process and the rib angle (or innominate), facilitating specificity for segmental release of the thoracic rings, lumbar spine and pelvis. The Activ8r can also be used to release muscles on the front of the trunk and both the upper and lower extremities. This is a great idea and an effective product for teaching self-release in the clinic, gym, studio or home.” --- Diane Lee, PT, FCAMT, CGIMS - British Columbia.

How to Use It

  • First, it is imperative that the user is in a safe and comfortable position when performing the movement. This involves lying on a flat surface on a mat with the neck supported by a rolled towel or pillow underneath it.
  • Start by placing the Body Balls near the bottom of the ribs or at the thoracolumbar junction to be specific. Ensure that the spine is in between the two balls.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor and knees are bent. Place hands behind your head to support the neck and perform 7 mini crunches so that the balls sink into the musculature of the back.
  • Go slow, 1 second up 1 second down, and exhale on the way up.
  • Progress upwards and move the balls underneath you by a half-inch or so each time so that the you are targeting a different region.
  • Once the balls are near the bottom of the shoulder blades the user can experiment by changing the positioning of their arms to expose different parts of the muscles (rhomboids) between the shoulder blades.
  • For greater pressure lie directly on a hard, flat surface instead of on a padded mat.

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