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Progenex Recovery Protein

Progenex Recovery Protein
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Progenex Recovery Supplement

Overcome fatigue and restore performance in just one serving. 

When it comes to new personal bests or attaining your best body composition, progress is the name of the game. Taking PROGENEX Recovery supplement immediately after training helps you do it all again—sooner, putting you on the fast track for achieving your training goals.

The concentrated bioactive protein sequence delivered by PROGENEX Recovery supplement resets the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level in hours—as compared to standard recovery times of up to three days.

In other words, you can recover faster—and stronger—with PROGENEX Recovery supplement, making it the ideal post-workout supplement for any athlete.

Recovery comes in 30 serving packages.

How It Works

you exercise, your muscle cells work by detecting a flow of electrical
impulses from your brain. Through a chain of events linking the nerve
impulse to the contraction mechanism, calcium is released from a storage
compartment inside the muscle cell, which signals the cell to "go" or
contract. As you work out, the amount of calcium released from the
storage compartment progressively diminishes. Less calcium translates
into weaker contractions, which in turn diminishes your strength.

For the average athlete, it can take up to
three days to reset that calcium-depleted environment. PROGENEX Recovery
accelerates that reset process from days to minutes, leaving you
feeling strong enough to do it again.

Nutritional Facts

Progenex Recovery Supplement

Suggested Use

Immediately after training, add 2 scoops of PROGENEX Recovery to water to taste, not to exceed 12 ounces of water. Shake until blended.


within 30 minutes of your workout, PROGENEX Recovery gives your muscles
exactly what they need to recover faster and stronger—so that you can
do it again. And again. And again.

The key to PROGENEX Recovery is
Promorphogen,™ the highest quality whey protein isolate available, that
has been hydrolyzed through a proprietary enzymatic process. This
procedure "cuts" the protein into the tiny peptide sequences that can be
quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Fast absorption is essential to
the recovery process, and these minute protein fractions have been
proven to do just that.

How much better do athletes perform with
PROGENEX Recovery? A university clinical trial demonstrated that
athletes who consumed whey protein hydrolysate post workout not only
recovered faster, they recovered stronger, than athletes who consumed
water or a generic whey protein isolate.

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