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Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine
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Blonyx HMB+ Creatine Supplement

Fed up of overly complex supplements containing a long list of ingredients and additives you don’t understand? We are too. That’s why we developed HMB+ Creatine™.

HMB+ Creatine supplement is a simple, naturally occurring, science backed supplement that both supports muscle cell health and energy systems. Using it on a regular basis results in less muscle cell damage after strenuous exercise and improved energy for training. This leads to quicker recovery and faster muscle strength gains with training.

HMB+ Creatine supplement is made from two simple ingredients found in natural, healthy foods. It contains no additives, preservatives or fillers and is for the athlete concerned about what goes into their body.

HMB+ Creatine supplement is an ideal supplement for strength focused athletes that push their bodies to extremes, such as strength focused CrossFitters, Olympic weight lifters, gymnasts, sprinters or sportsmen/women.

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine supplement

What will taking HMB+ Creatine supplement do for me?

HMB and Creatine are two of the most researched sports supplement ingredients on the market having been tested in over 100 science labs across the world. This research found that HMB reduces the muscle damage caused by heavy weight training while allowing quicker recovery and improved performance in the next training session. Creatine on the other hand, increases both muscle mass and strength when combined with heavy lifting or sprinting.

Researchers looking at both HMB and Creatine together found that they combine well to enhance both strength gains and muscle mass gains by over 100% more than using a placebo supplement. They are considered by many to be the best combination products for strength building. Click here to learn more about the research.

What can HMB do for me?

There are over 40 research studies on HMB conducted at universities and institutes across the globe. These studies have shown that HMB supplementation can do the following:
  • Increase VO2 max and endurance gains with cycling and running training
  • Increase muscle mass and strength gains with weight training (twice the gain from exercise alone)
  • Decrease body fat (twice the gain from exercise alone)
  • Decrease muscle damage (less soreness)
The secondary pictures in the scroll bar above show results from just a few of the research studies on HMB.


How does HMB produce all these positive effects?

HMB works by slowing down proteolysis (the natural process of breaking down damaged muscle protein) and also speeding up protein synthesis in repair. Scientists think that HMB supplementation therefore minimizes the amount of muscle damage and resulting protein breakdown after hard training, speeding the athlete’s return to full fitness for the next session.

Many scientists also think that HMB is also a vital structural component used to maintain the integrity of muscle cells. In athletes that train hard, there is more need for HMB in the diet as muscle damage and repair occur much more frequently.

HMB therefore protects the muscle from exercise damage, then speeds recovery enabling you to train harder and adapt to exercise quicker.

These graphs show the research showing that HMB supplementation reduces muscle damage in both endurance and strength athletes:

Graph 1: Muscle damage is dramatically reduced after a 20K run - 13 runners after 6 weeks of HMB supplementation. (Graph will open in new window/tab) Read the research.

Graph 2: Muscle damage is almost eliminated after heavy weight training - 40 weight training adults after 3 weeks of HMB supplementation. (Graph will open in new window/tab) on 19 May 2011

Is HMB+ Creatine safe to take?

Blonyx HMB - Keep on Running Extensive clinical studies have been conducted to specifically evaluate the safety of HMB with no negative side effects being observed in both men and women whether young or old. Creatine has been widely used for years with little recorded side effects. Where recent research indicates that it is completely safe, it is thought that there is a chance people with kidney failure may be negatively affected by its ability to pull water into the muscles.

Why choose Blonyx HMB+ Creatine?

Blonyx HMB - Keep on Running There are only a few companies that are licensed to sell HMB based products in North America (go to for a full list). Unlike the other legitimate HMB products, Blonyx products contain no additives or fillers and are for the athlete that is concerned about what they put into their body.

Other things to know about HMB

HMB doesn’t really have much taste to it so it is often mixed with juices like grape or OJ. HMB is linked to calcium meaning it quickly and easily dissolves in liquid and is absorbed into the body.

HMB’s effects are most beneficial when you are pushing your body to its limits in order to stimulate muscle adaptation.

HMB’s effects will be reduced if you are not training hard or, as in the case of highly trained athletes, your potential for adaptation to training is smaller (think how much training a 100m sprinter puts in for a tenth of a second speed improvement). For this reason, research on elite athletes has found that HMB only results in small gains in strength and endurance.

Calcium-HMB, which is the form we use in our supplements, is the same form it has been tested in. Calcium HMB is completely safe to take with no reported side effects. Ever.


Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

What is HMB?

HMB (or ß-Hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate) is a byproduct of the breakdown of the amino acid Leucine that we get from dietary protein. It is also found in healthy foods such as grapefruit, alfalfa and catfish.

HMB is vital to normal body function as it is used to maintain the health of muscle cells. Supplementing the diet with additional HMB has been shown to improve exercise performance by supporting muscle cell repair and adaptation.


What does HMB+ Creatine contain?

HMB+ Creatine contains nothing more than calcium HMB (HMB is bound to calcium to help with absorption) and Creatine Monohydrate in a powder form. HMB is found naturally in healthy foods like grapefruit, alfalfa and catfish and is also made in small amounts by the body. It is stored in muscle cells and helps maintain their structure and function. Creatine, found naturally in meat, is also stored in muscle cells and provides energy for explosive muscle contractions like in sprinting or lifting heavy weights. HMB+ Creatine contains no additives, preservatives or fillers. It is the purest HMB and Creatine combination product available today.

Like all Blonyx supplements, HMB+ Creatine’s ingredients are consistent with the paleo diet ethos as they are all from foods that would normally exist in a hunter-gatherer’s diet. It is highly likely that meat eating cavemen living amongst the grapefruit trees were the fittest around.

Nutritional Facts

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

240g Powder / 1 Month Supply

hmb-creatine-print 1.jpg

hmb-creatine-print 2.jpg

Suggested Use

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

Who should take HMB+ Creatine?

Blonyx HMB - Keep on Running HMB+ Creatine is for athletes who train hard and regularly with heavy weight. It is ideal for weight lifters, bodybuilders and strength athletes. The muscle weight gain associated with Creatine supplementation may also appeal to certain sportsmen/women such as rugby or football players.

  • Weight lifters
  • Bodybuilders
  • Strength athletes
  • Football/rugby players
  • Sprinters
  • Crossfit athletes (who want to build strength)

Frequently Asked Questions

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

What happens if I don’t take my Blonyx supplements regularly?

We all forget to take vitamins, prescribed drugs, even brushing our teeth once in a while. Missing a few doses of Blonyx products here and there is unlikely to inhibit your performance gains too much so just continue like normal. We do not recommend that you exceed recommended dosage to “catch up”.

How long does it take to see effects from HMB?

Studies show that measurable increases in endurance, strength and lean body mass can occur in only a couple of weeks, however, it will most likely take three or four weeks to produce results that you will notice.

What can I mix Blonyx product with?

Blonyx products are in either pill or powder form. Pills can be taken with any liquid as required to make swallowing them easier. We sell powdered supplements as it gives you the flexibility to mix it with whatever you wish, such as your favorite protein supplement.

Can I use Blonyx products with other supplements?

Absolutely. Blonyx supplements are safe to take and combine with other sports supplements, be it protein shakes, energy gels, whatever you’ve got.

How well do Blonyx powder products dissolve in liquids?

Reasonably well, however if your liquid is cold, it may take a little longer to dissolve and can leave an unresolved residue at the bottom of your glass.

What do Blonyx products taste like?

Blonyx pill products taste, well, as you would expect. That’s why we put them in pills. HMB+ Creatine is in powder form and has a bitter taste. It is made to be mixed with, well, whatever you want. Another reason we sell it in this form is that it is the same form used in research studies. We want to make sure our products work.

Are Blonyx products safe?

Yes, our products have been tested on humans of all ages and genders and found to have no negative side effects. HMB has been used by athletes for over 10 years with not a single negative effect reported. Ever.

What is so special about HMB?

HMB is a supplement that has been around for a while but has not been marketed to the extent that we think it should be. To date only large pharmaceutical companies that take note of the research have shown interest and included it in their products.

HMB is one of the most researched products out there with proven sporting performance benefits. We encourage you to try it for yourself and see what you think. If it doesn’t work, we’ll give you your money back!

Both HMB and Creatine are currently sold as sports supplements that can enhance strength and mass with weight training. Scientists have shown that they work by different chemical pathways in the body so combining them actually adds their effect together. Researchers even tested this and found that taking the combination of HMB and Creatine doubled the muscle and strength gains with strength training.

Who should NOT take Blonyx products?

Blonyx products have been shown to be completely safe to take in research studies on exercising adults both young and old, however it has not yet been tested on the following:

• Pregnant women

• Women who are breast feeding

• Children

If you are on any medications or have a medical condition, you should always consult with your Doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Does HMB work for women and older adults?

Yes, published research has shown that women and older adults who take HMB and exercise have enhanced strength and increased fat loss as well.

What will HMB do for runners or cyclists that don't want to bulk-up?

Published research has shown that HMB increases VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption), which is an indicator of endurance capacity. It also prolongs the onset of lactic acid build up in the blood meaning HMB enables harder training without fatigue.

In other studies HMB has also been shown to minimize muscle damage associated with competitive distance running and cycling.

In all of the above research studies, no excess muscle gains were observed.

How much HMB should I take?

Most studies have shown positive results with 3 grams a day for average individuals. It is best to split it into three 1 gram servings spread throughout the day. If you weigh less than 120 lbs, you may want to try 2 grams a day. If you weigh over 220 lbs you may want to use 4 grams a day.

Are there any negative side effects to HMB?

Extensive clinical studies have been conducted to specifically evaluate the safety of HMB and no negative side effects have been recorded in both men and women whether young or elderly. A summary of the effects of HMB on hematology, emotional profile and adverse effects as measured in 9 clinical studies showed only positive effects on cholesterol (7% decrease) and blood pressure (4.4 mm of Hg decrease), likely caused by better exercise rather than the supplement itself.

How can I tell if the HMB I buy is real?

A company called MTI Biotech in Iowa holds the athletic use patents on HMB. Currently all genuine sources of HMB are required to carry one or more of the following Patent Numbers on the label: 5,348,979 and 6,031,000. The label must also spell out the full name of HMB and include the “ß” symbol. If any of these items are missing, the product is unlikely to contain HMB. It will also likely be cheaper to reflect its lack of real HMB.

MTI Biotech includes a list of all licensed HMB brands on its website at

Are there any negatives to HMB?

Probably the biggest problem with HMB is the cost. Because the process to make HMB is complicated, it is a relatively expensive supplement. HMB is not as cheap as Creatine or Whey Protein supplements, but it is as or more effective. We are constantly working to get the price down to make HMB more accessible to all athletes.

More Information

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

The science behind HMB

Medical researchers have proposed that HMB works by slowing the breakdown of muscle protein and even preventing the death of muscle cells through a complex chemical pathway called the Ubiquitin pathway. For the strength athlete this means retaining strong muscle cells. For the endurance athlete this means smaller, energy efficient muscle cells remain intact and healthy, ready for training.

Adapting to training requires muscle protein to build or enhance the muscle cells. HMB is thought to stimulate the production of muscle protein to be used in this process through a complex chemical pathway called the m-TOR pathway. In endurance athletes this means that muscles rapidly change to become more energy efficient whereas in the strength athlete muscle cells will grow quicker to generate more power.

Overall, using HMB enhances your recovery from, and adaptation to training. It is a product that can be used by all athletes that are training hard, regardless of their sporting event.


HMB is supported by lots of Research

HMB was discovered by Dr Steve Nissen at Iowa State University. Dr Nissen’s first study on athletes consisted of 41 men who weight trained three times a week, for 1.5h a time, over a three week period. One group received HMB, the other group received a placebo. After 4 weeks, the HMB group showed a greater increase in muscle, lost more fat and were significantly stronger than the placebo group.

To date there have been numerous additional, university and peer-reviewed studies done on HMB. Over twelve years, researchers have found that HMB has numerous beneficial effects, including producing better results from intense exercise. The list of HMB clinical studies is continually growing. Currently there are over 20 human studies completed and published as peer-reviewed papers, with more studies set to follow. Only Creatine and protein supplementation has more studies published than HMB.

Below are a list of HMB studies:

Research Study: controlled 9 week study on trained men. HMB increased lean mass, decreased fat mass and resulted in a substantial increase in lower body strength. Read the research.

Research Study: A meta-analysis of existing research. HMB supplementation resulted in clear overall increases in strength in men starting a resistance training program, but that the benefit of HMB in trained athletes was smaller. Read the research.

Research Study: Placebo-controlled study in college students. HMB supplementation increased maximal oxygen consumption by 5%. Read the research.

Research Study: 1 year long controlled study in the elderly. HMB with two amino acids increased lean mass and protein turnover in older adults. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study in trained cyclists. HMB supplementation increased cyclist endurance as measured by VO2 peak and lactic acid build-up. Read the research.

Research Study: 12 week study on resistance trained men. HMB combined with two amino acids doubled the effects of training on lean mass and increased fat loss. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study in male and female runners. HMB reduced muscle damage after a prolonged run as well as the perception of muscle soreness. Read the research.

Research Study: A review of research on HMB. Concluded that collectively there is not only clinical data, but also mechanistic data supporting HMB's effect on increasing muscle mass and strength. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study in 35 trained collegiate football players. HMB increased muscle mass and reduced body fat however this was not statistically significant probably because the athletes only used HMB for 4 weeks so gains were small. Read the research.

Research Study: A meta-analysis of all research to date on supplementation for strength and mass. Found that HMB and Creatine are the only two supplements that have been shown to enhance strength and mass with resistance training. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled 8 week study in weight training elderly men. HMB increased muscle strength and lean mass while increasing fat loss. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study in weight training males using Creatine and HMB in combination. HMB and Creatine supplementation results in even greater strength and lean gains than either HMB or creatine supplementation alone Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study in trained males. HMB enhanced strength and mass but the increases were small over the research period. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study using male and female trained and untrained subjects. The studies showed that regardless of gender or prior training, HMB increases strength and minimizes muscle damage when combined with a four-week resistance-training program. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study with male weight lifters. HMB increased lean mass and peak muscle torques. It also decreased blood markers of muscle damage. Read the research.

Research Study: Controlled study if 40 experienced, resistance trained men over just 4 weeks. HMB numerically increased lean mass and strength over the period of the study. Read the research.

Research Study: Two controlled studies in weight training males for three and seven weeks. HMB increased strength and muscle mass while reducing muscle damage in all subjects. Read the research.

Research Study: The official position paper of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. HMB was rated in the second highest category of effective supplements for performance enhancement. Read the research

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