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Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension (Certified Pre-Owned)

Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension (Certified Pre-Owned)
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Available at South Vancouver location only

Weight: 165.00kg / 363.76lb > See More Info
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Cybex Eagle Arm Curl

The triceps muscle is an important stabilizing muscle. It helps to stabilize your shoulder joint while also contributing as an extensor for the elbow. If your triceps muscles are underdeveloped, you’ll notice an imbalance that also affects your shoulders, joints, and forearms. The greatest difference that fitness enthusiasts notice when they begin to work on their triceps muscles is the increase in strength and endurance in the surrounding muscle groups. The best way to achieve the enhanced functionality and flexibility of a strong triceps muscle is by using the most innovative functional trainer on the market: the Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension.

Key Features of the Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension:

The Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension targets the triceps muscle to increase strength, amplify endurance, and enhance definition. While you may begin to notice heads turning when you walk by, you may also notice a huge improvement in functional areas of your life such as during chores or playing sports. Enjoy all the benefits that a well-developed triceps muscle has to offer.

  • Isolates the Triceps Muscle for Maximum Activation: ¬ The Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension perfectly isolates the triceps in a safe and effective way, ensuring that your focus is on the muscle that matters. You don’t have to worry about needless pressure being placed on surrounding joints. Best of all, you’ll be able to correct any strength imbalances you may have experienced with your arm strength.
  • Professional Grade Construction: When you buy the Eagle NX Arm Extension, you can rest assured that you are getting the same quality, efficiency, and expert craftsmanship that comes along with the Cybex brand. Built to withstand the brutal training regiments of professional athletes and bodybuilders, this is one functional trainer that will be able to last longer than you!
  • Hassel-Free Design Allows for Easy Use: The innovative design of the Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension doesn’t require any frustrating adjustments to be made. Based on the natural movements of the human body, this functional trainer has been created to be used regardless of height or arm length without the need to readjust. Don’t worry about specific requirements. All you have to do is sit down and start working out.

The Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension is ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…

  • Isolate the triceps muscle and enjoy the strength and endurance that you develop.
  • Avoid frustrating adjustments as the Cybex Eagle NX Arm Extension doesn’t require you to adjust the seat based on your height.
  • Correct any strength and muscle imbalances that may exist in your upper body.

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