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Strength Wraps
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Strength Wraps

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Strength Wraps are reusable, cloth wrist wraps that offer an athlete wrist support for weight lifting that can be worn throughout the workout without hindering other non-lifting movements.  An athlete can put on Strength Wraps before a workout and adjust the tightness (i.e., level of support) with one quick touch of the wrap � something that can�t be done with athletic tape used for wrist support.  For example, Kelley likes her wrist wraps tight and supportive while starting off a workout with overhead squats or snatches, but then likes to loosen them just a bit for additional flexibility for wallballs or double-unders.  The ability to adjust the wrap support, along with the inherent flexibility of a cloth wrist wrap, allows the athlete wrist protection with reliability and unmatched comfort.

We�ve been performance testing Strength Wraps since 2009 and are the original cloth wrist wrap company of its kind.  Working with elite CrossFitters, as well as powerlifters and athletes from other disciplines, has allowed us to develop the most durable, supportive, and technically superior product on the market.  Input from people well known in our community like Chris Spealler and Mike Burgener is unparalleled; other companies have now entered the market and have tried to cheaply copy our wraps, but the extensive research and personal feedback from elite athletes and coaches makes our product superior in quality and design.

* Stitching colour may vary slightly.

How to use Strength Wraps:

  • Line-up Strength Wraps with stitching side towards hand and non-stitching side towards forearm at a comfortable place on wrist (allow for full range of motion, some wrist bend).

  • Begin wrapping the Strength Wrap around wrist, aligning the stitching on top of itself with each wrap.  Each wrap around should be snug but not yet tight; tightness will be adjusted once wrapping is complete.

  • Continue wrapping the cloth until you reach the string, then continue wrapping the string around the wrist until you reach the end of the string.

  • Tuck the knot at the end of the string under the wrapped string to finish the wrist wrap.

  • Twist wrap down on itself in the same direction you wrapped the wrist.  The Strength Wrap should tighten around the wrist.  Twist until desired support is achieved.  Untwist in opposite direction to loosen the wrap.

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