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Hyperwear Vest PRO

Hyperwear Vest PRO
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Hyperwear Vest PRO

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Introducing the Hyper Vest� PRO, a revolutionary new type of weighted vest from the inspired innovation of Hyper Wear. The Hyper Vest PRO employs a patented control system and fabric allowing you to engage in movement while wearing the vest since the weights are held comfortably and firmly to your core even during vigorous multi-plane movement. Even better, the Hyper Vest PRO is elastic around your chest in the horizontal plane, which allows full chest expansion and contraction for breathing while the weights stay in place. A breathable, wicking fabric and generous open side panels make the vest exceptionally comfortable. So thin, you can wear it under a shirt and no one would know (weights are only _ inch thick).

Each vest comes pre-loaded with following amount of weight:

Small =         10lb

Medium =     10lb

Large =         10lb

XL =               10lb 

Additional weight can be purchased as 5 lbs of weight in the Hyper Vest PRO Booster Weight Pack.

How do I put in more weights or remove them?  Please, see our Weight Insertion Video

Hyperwear Vest PRO

  • Generously cut armholes and V-neck allow for full range of motion.
  • Short waist increases freedom of movement.
  • Cinching drawstring at waist and sides provide a secure fit and adjustability for all sizes, builds, and compression requirements.
  • Adjustable weight pocket system allows you to double the weight in each pocket.

Hyperwear Vest PRO

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I determine the correct size for my Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Instead of height and waist size, we have figured out a way to determine what size you need based on your circumference at your belly button. The correct size for you should extend from your shoulders to around your belly button. We have constructed a chart that you can follow to determine what size is right for you on our Sizing Tab.

Q: What exactly is a Hyper Vest PRO?

A: The Hyper Vest PRO incorporates a revolutionary design, using a space-age, form fitting, and breathable fabric, designed to allow full range of motion in any activity. The Hyper Vest PRO boasts dozens of pockets, into which small, thin, 1/8 lb. weights may be easily inserted or removed, comfortably placed over chest and back portions of the weight vest. When the Hyper Vest PRO is cinched tight to the body, the Hyper Weights do not shift or migrate during exercise. It can be worn during sports activities, rehab exercises, vigorous home exercise, or even under street clothing for an all-day workout. The Hyper Vest PRO is designed so a person is not constantly aware that they are exercising because the weights are spread about comfortably, in a way that feels as though they are part of the body. From now on, people won't have clothing to work out in, but rather, clothing that works them out.

Q: How does the Hyper Vest PRO work?

A: The Hyper Vest PRO acts as a second skin which fits snugly to the body, is breathable and allows for a full range of motion. It can be worn during a vigorous work out, during sports practice or under street clothing. Pockets are located throughout the garment for the placement of thin, 1/8 lb. weights. Additional weight increases the resistance of gravity on your body making it more difficult to move. Making any movement or motion more difficult requires your body to call additional muscle to act upon the resistance, thus building muscle as a result. Increasing the duration and amount of muscle contractions also requires increased energy (calories) to be burned.

Q: What should I expect the first time I wear my Hyper Vest PRO?

A: See our video section for first time users. The Hyper Vest PRO should fit very snuggly. When putting it on, first make sure that the side strings are loose so that the zipper is easy to zip up. Once the Zipper is up, cinch up the side strings so that it�s quite snug; then stuff cords into vest around the back or front. The Hyper Vest PRO should extend down around the bellybutton. Stretch your arms up and side to side and twist torso � the straps of Hyper Vest PRO should stay in place (sitting on shoulders); while the body of the weight vest may ride up minimally up on torso. When putting weights in for the first time, pockets will be tight. They will relax over time with use. When weights are in pockets, make sure top flap of pocket is pulled over weight as much as possible � this prevents weights from sliding out during high-impact activity.

Q: How much weight does each Hyper Vest PRO hold, what are the weights composed of, and can the weight be adjusted?

A: The Hyper Vest PRO is delivered with 5 pounds of lead free, Zinc Alloy weights already inserted into the vest. The Hyper Vest PRO can be adjusted by adding additional individual weights (8 weights per pound).

One weight in each pocket provides approximately:

9.5 lbs (Small)
11 lbs (Medium)
15 lbs (Large)
21 lbs (XLarge)

Each pocket is able to contain 2 weights, so the maximum weight per vest size can be doubled: 19 lbs (Small), 22 lbs (Medium), 30 lbs (Large) 42 lbs (XLarge).  

Q: Should I start with the full amount of weight possible?

A: Absolutely not! We ask that you contact your physician first and make sure you do not have any pre-existing condition that would make weight vest training inadvisable. Only a medical professional can determine your current fitness level. Just like any exercise program, you need to start at a weight that makes the least amount of impact on your current exercise program (or lack thereof). Start light and work your way up to the amount you need in order to achieve your goals. How much weight you use also depends on your activity and how much activity, therein. Once you become accustom to the additional resistance, add more weight as needed.

Generally, a conditioned athlete performing agility drills should not use any more than 4% to 6% of their body weight. Speed training (in strait lines for short durations) may accommodate 6% to 8% of their body weight. Endurance conditioning use varies from 2% to 10% of their of body weight, depending on the activity.

Plyometric exercises and bodyweight training exercises aimed at developing explosive movements and the power is ideal for adding the maximum resistance, regulated by their repetition to exhaustion parameters.

Low impact exercise, or simply walking around doing routine activities throughout the day, allows you to wear increasing resistance, as you become more acustomed to the weight.

Keep in mind, unless you have spoken with a doctor and understand the risks associated, you should not go over 10 percent of you body weight. Therefore, if you weight 150 lbs, 15 lbs should be the maximum weight that you would use, in any drill or exercise.

Q: Do the weights weigh exactly 1/8lb each?

A: Generally. Hyper Vests� PRO comes with weights that are close to weighing 1/7lb. Because we use an alloy, and due to the manufacturing process, we cannot warrant that every weight is exact.

Q: Does the Hyper Vest PRO fit my body type?

A: The Hyper Vest PRO utilizes a natural vest model, which allows us to comfortably fit the average torso length based upon the circumference at your belly button height. We do not use a one-size-fits-all model, because we use a space-age compression fabric which allows us to create multiple sizes that conform to your needs. The side cinching allows you to control the tightness of the Hyper Vest PRO with a quick pull. Since the vest sizes are calculated based on girth, the Hyper Vest PRO always places the weights in an optimal centre of gravity. 

Q: As a woman, should I be concerned about the weights on my chest?

A: Every woman is different concerning how tender their chest is. The Hyper Vest PRO does not use any padding on the chest or back, due to the small form factor of the weights and tightness of the garment. However, we do recommend that you use a sports bra under the Hyper Vest PRO, for support and any possible chaffing. From what we have reviewed, we recommend the ENELL� or the Shock Absorber� sports bra. 

Q: What are the age limits for the Hyper Vest PRO?

A: DO NOT use the vest for your child unless you contact your physician first. It is not appropriate for sports training before puberty. However, it can be used for general fitness and weight loss or therapeutic purposes for conditions such as autism if recommended by a medical professional.After puberty, the Hyper Vest PRO is appropriate for sports training resistance activities.  

Q: Will I look strange wearing a Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Well, we don�t know what you look like now, so who�s to say? No, really, the Hyper Vest PRO looks more like an athletic garment than a weight vest. Furthermore, if you want to wear your shirt on top, no one would notice that you are wearing the vest underneath. Chic or concealed � it is up to you. 

Q: Can the Hyper Vest PRO hurt my back?

A: Consult a physician before using the vest if you have any concerns. The Hyper Vest PRO is a comfortable weighted garment which places appropriate, adjustable resistance on the core of your body, using both abdominal and back muscles. The Hyper Vest PRO naturally adds resistance to these areas, which in time stabilizes the core. In fact, while wearing the Hyper Vest PRO in the beginning, you will notice some fatigue in these muscles, as they are not used to the added resistance. Please, be careful to sit up strait and tall, otherwise you may feel pain if you slouch. If your core does become tired, either remove some or all of the weights or the vest in its entirety.

Over time, when used properly by engaging your core muscles, you will see an increase in both strength and endurance.

Q: Can I use it for swimming?

A: The Hyper Vest PRO is hydro-friendly, but use if for swimming at your own risk and don�t load up with lots of weight. Feel free to swim with some added resistance or use it for pool or ground based resistance training. With the large armholes and snug fabric, you will not impede your stroke, but you may add some time onto each lap � until you take it off, that is.

Q: Can I burn more calories using the Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Your body burns calories based on your personal genetics, bodyweight, exercise (duration and intensity) and diet. Adding resistance to your body energizes increased muscular activity to support the function of displacing the mass. This added resistance uses more muscle exertion which in turn burns more calories. Adding resistance increases intensity, which boosts metabolism � up to 36 hours after the activity.

The number of Calories that you burn is directly proportional to your bodyweight. With the Hyper Vest PRO, you can add an additional 10% to your current bodyweight and you'll immediately increase your caloric expenditure by 10% +. That's an incredible boost, considering that using the Hyper Vest PRO doesn't increase the time needed for the exercise, and makes only a small impact on your perceived exertion at the beginning. Also note that other natural motions such as climbing stairs, bending over, sitting and rising from a chair, etc., will be enhanced via a great passive full body workout while wearing the Hyper Vest PRO.

Q: Can I use the Hyper Vest PRO in my aerobics class or group exercises?

A: Absolutely, whether you step, spin, or kick, the Hyper Vest PRO will intensify your workout. Simply adjust the amount of weight to your needs, and feel the burn!

Q: I am already carrying too much weight � why you should I add even more weight with the Hyper Vest PRO?

A: We get this question fairly frequently. The weight that you accumulated did not come all in one shot. As you gain weight, your body acclimates and builds just enough muscle to carry the extra load. Now, imagine if you walked around with an extra 10 lbs � that you could take off at any time. Your body would respond by adding additional muscle mass, your new muscle mass would begin consuming additional calories, and your stamina would increase as a result. The only way to build and tone muscle that begins burning extra calories is to add additional resistance. The Hyper Vest PRO allows you to increase the resistance on your body all day, in a comfortable and adjustable way.

Q: Does the Hyper Vest PRO help fight Osteoporosis?

A: Osteoporosis affects approximately 40% of women and 10% of men. In numerous research studies, where a weight vest was used, significant data has been produced to indicate that the weight vest improved bone density. The comfort level of the Hyper Vest PRO allows you to wear enough weight to create a positive resistance for growth on your bones for a longer duration, rather than oppressive weight for a shorter, uncomfortable duration. The Hyper Vest PRO should become a central and essential piece of equipment in your exercise or wellness program in order to strengthen bone density.

Q: Will the Hyper Vest PRO injure my joints?

A: Because the Hyper Vest PRO distributes the weight over your torso, your body will naturally adjust to the resistance (as if you had naturally gained weight around your torso). However, if too much weight is added too quickly, the overload or overworking could cause problems with your joints. See your doctor before you begin using the Hyper Vest PRO or start any exercise program. We also recommend that you begin slowly, with only a small percentage of your total body weight (2-3%) so that your muscles, tendons, and joints acclimate to the additional resistance. Common sense is also key. If you feel keenly tired, sore, or weak, either remove some weight or remove the Hyper Vest PRO. Don�t ever overdo it � an injury will retard your progress.

Q: What if I have an injury? Should I use the Hyper Vest PRO?

A: If you have any injury and are recovering, you should see your physician or physical therapist (or other health professional) to find out if the Hyper Vest PRO will help you. Depending on your injury, on your recovery exercises, and on your level of progress, the Hyper Vest PRO may actually be quite a benefit to your recovery regimen.

Q: I think I heard a thread pop - what's up with my Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Well, most likely, the fabric was pulled beyond the limits of the thread extension. No worries, though, as we have locked down each pocket with a series of stitches called a bar-tack. This ensures that the weights will never �break through� the bottom of the pocket.

Q: What is your return policy and warranty?

A: If you return your weight vest in NEW condition (try your vest on for sizing as soon as you receive it � working out and sweating in it mean we cannot accept it for return), with shipping prepaid, within 30 days after purchase, you will receive a full refund less the original shipping costs. 

Q: Does the Hyper Vest PRO stop bullets?

A: OK, we get this question a lot. Um� NO� This is a weighted resistance vest, not a bullet proof vest. If you have a high (or low) probability of getting shot at, please use a garment constructed for its intended use of stopping bullets � we don�t want to lose valued customers.

Q: Can I travel with the Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Yep. However, realize that the Hyper Vests PRO are not TSA (Transportation Security Administration) friendly � as they show up quite readily in the metal detector. Of course, what do I know � maybe you like being stopped and searched� But, seriously, we recommend you place the vest in checked baggage when traveling by air if possible.


Q: Can I wash my Hyper Vest PRO?

A: Yes. The Hyper Vest PRO can be washed. We highly recommend you wash by hand with mild detergent.  You can take out the weights and cords and wash it with cold water and mild detergent on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER! Simply towel dry and then air dry on a strong hanger. Feel free to freshen it with Febreze� if desired.

Please note that you will not have to wash the Hyper Vest PRO very often.  It is made with a fabric that is highly repellant to water and odor.  Since most of your odor originates around the neck and armpits, very little odour causing agents are deposited on the vest.  Also, armpits and sides do not have much fabric covering them, if any at all, because of the side strings.  We do recommend wearing a dri-fit, thin, wicking shirt under the vest, if possible.

Q: I am experiencing some wear on my Hyper Vest PRO?

A: We recommend that you do not drop your Hyper Vest PRO on the floor or hit it against any hard surface.  Such impacts may pierce the fabric.
We also recommend that you do not allow anything to rub against the Hyper Vest PRO, including a bag strap.  Like any fabric, friction will wear on the fabric.  Treat the vest like a garment and you should have no problems.

We have seen this happen with a few customers.  Because of the unique nature of the single directional stretch of the fabric and composition of the fabric, it is able to take general or intense use, but not abuse.  If the Hyper Vest PRO is repeatedly knocked into hard surfaces like flooring, there is a potential that the weights can penetrate the vest fabric.  Normally, what we see is small corners of the metal weights poking through the weight pockets.  These small punctures will not fray and continue to tear due to the nature of the material.

We have had some customers who have had a separate products which rub against the vest fabric, which wears on the fabric which is sandwiched between the metal weight and the object.

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