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Life AsRx - Fitness Apparel

Life AsRx - Fitness Apparel
Life AsRx is proud to be the only line of apparel designed exclusively for CrossFitters. Our clients and customers recognize us as the source for any and all apparel related needs in the CrossFit community. Through the spring, other talented athletes and good friends joined the team including ellbie, the Cub and Dirty. Considering the combined amount of work capacity across the Life AsRx team, you can be sure that we will not stop working towards our mission to produce the highest quality apparel for the CrossFit and fitness communities. Today, Badger (Marcus Dedina) continues to manage all web, apparel and graphic design. He officially retires from coaching each time the subject comes up, claims to still live in Hawaii and strives to one day use the semi-colon in sentences without fear or hesitation. Ice Tiger (Alex Kurz) continues to oversee all production and hopes to complement the baby blue tiger tattoo on his arm with a sleeve of every other animal he has ever shot out of the air with his AK-47 from a helicopter. The Factor (Brian Spangle) works tirelessly on as many other duties as possible while still finding time to coach. It is safe to say that he continues to be more sto
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