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Magnum Opus Supplement

Magnum Opus Supplement
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Magnum Opus

What is Magnum OPUS?
You�ve never built muscle like this before.   Magnum Opus� creates an anabolic firestorm, causing incredible muscle growth.  This groundbreaking formula sends strength levels off the charts by increasing blood flow and hydration of your muscles.  Opus� lets you break through barriers by supercharging your energy levels, delaying fatigue and pushing muscle performance. You�ll feel it working instantly.

Ingredients in Magnum Opus� will improve:

  • Muscular Performance
  • Cellular Energy
  • Blood Flow
  • pH balance
  • Hydration

A great workout fuel formulation will produce the following results:

  • Activate explosive gains in muscular growth
  • Delay the onset of muscular fatigue
  • Create new ANABOLIC FUEL within minutes
  • Significantly improve strength
  • Break through new barriers of muscular performance
  • Improve recovery


Magnum Opus


Magnum OPUS� is the best choice for your workout fuel because:
  • It is 100% Pharmaceutical Grade for better, faster results.
  • It offers 16 of the most powerful and scientifically proven performance ingredients in the full clinical doses.
  • It provides energy at the cellular level as opposed to over-dose stimulant products, which only jack up your nervous system.
  • It contains the patented Carnosyn� (Instantized Beta Alanine) whichactivates enzymes responsible for generating muscle contractions & increases intra-muscular Carnosine, which is used by your type II muscle fibers for explosive movements like weight training and sprinting.
  • Magnum OPUS� raises your cellular pH levels; having an acidic pH not only causes lower muscle mass, but can also lower plasma levels of IGF-1. Having an acidic pH is not conducive to building muscle.
  • A key ingredient in Magnum OPUS� is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and of major importance to the creation of protein, peptides and creatine.
Who is in need of Magnum OPUS�?
  • Anyone who lifts weights or plays high intensity sports
  • Anyone who wants to increase their strength and muscular endurance - FAST
  • Anyone trying to build more lean muscle
  • Anyone trying to break through training plateaus � whether anaerobic or aerobic
  • Anyone who trains late at night

Magnum OPUS� is the first workout fuel that you feel in minutes without any stimulants. Magnum OPUS� enables you to train harder than ever before with no fear of losing muscle or energy production breakdown.

Magnum OPUS� was formulated with three goals in mind:

1.  Build muscle
2.  Raise pH levels for more muscular endurance
3.  To increase the rate at which our body produces energy while training and / or under stress
This is a true revolution, one in which we move away from stimulants and nervous energy, and look towards awe-inspiring workouts powered by OPUS�s� Anabolic Energy! 

Nutritional Facts

Magnum Opus


Suggested Use

Magnum Opus


Serving Size
48 - 1 scoop servings per bottle
Under 200lbs: Take 1 scoop daily 5 � 15 minutes prior to training
Over 200lbs: Take 2 scoops daily 5 � 15 minutes prior to training

Frequently Asked Questions

Magnum Opus


If Magnum Opus� is stimulant free, why do I feel so much energy?
The stimulant free ingredients in Magnum Opus� are clinically proven to energize your body on a cellular level � they create energy in your cells and fire you up to work hard!

Why do my face and hands tingle when I take Magnum Opus�?
Magnum Opus� has a large dose of Carnosyn� - a patented, ultra-pure Beta Alanine.   Beta Alanine is proven to improve blood flow and most people feel this increased blood flow in the form of tingles (primarily on their face and hands).   Some people feel the tingles everywhere.    This patented ingredient is also proven to increase strength, aerobic and anabolic endurance, and delay muscle fatigue.

What is the optimal way to take Magnum Opus�?
We recommend on the bottle to take your dose minutes before training (as the ingredients in Magnum Opus� absorb instantly and will take effect instantly).   If you are over 200 lbs, take 2 scoops and if you are under 200 lbs, just take 1 scoop.

How fast should I see results from Magnum Opus�?
Instantly!   The Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients in Magnum Opus� kick in right away and many people have commented they feel energy and their face tingling before the cup even left their lips!!   In case you don�t feel the tingles, you will feel the muscular energy and endurance within minutes.


The Science

Magnum Opus

Magnum OPUS� was developed to activate explosive gains in muscle growth, delay the onset of muscular fatigue, create new anabolic fuel faster and significantly increase strength levels.  Magnum OPUS� enables you to breakthrough new barriers of muscular performance and exposes the limitations of existing formulas by supercharging your bodies muscular energy cycle while keeping you in a 100% anabolic environment right from the very first serving!  This is a true revolution, one in which we move away from stimulants and nervous energy, and look towards awe inspiring workouts powered by OPUS�s� Anabolic Energy!

Instabolic Phuel�

Instantized Micronized L-Leucine - creates a positive nitrogen environment which is the ONLY environment that muscle growth can actually take place.  OPUS�s� micronized L-Leucine is easily absorbed through the wall of the small intestine and picked up by the bloodstream for transport into the muscle cell.  Micronized L-Leucine is easily converted into glucose and used as energy during activity and can also decrease the feeling of fatigue by blocking tryptophan uptake by the brain, thus allowing you to maintain performance for far longer.  Micronized L-Leucine provides support to lean muscle tissue and provides energy, specifically when training intensely, and helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance within the body.  Leucine is referred to as a "limiting nutrient"; meaning the body needs to be supplied by a specific amount in relation to other amino acids to assimilate protein in the body.  Leucine activates a major anabolic pathway called the mTOR pathway, which stimulates muscle protein synthesis.  Without adequate L-Leucine levels, muscle fatigue and cannibalism takes place during intense anaerobic training.

Instantized Beta Alanine - helps activate enzymes responsible for generating muscle contractions. Supplementing with Instantized Beta Alanine can significantly delay muscle fatigue to help you squeeze out the last growth stimulating reps. Instantized Beta Alanine increases strength, elevates muscular endurance, allows you to train with greater intensity, & boosts intra-muscular Carnosine levels, which are used by your Type II muscle fibers for explosive movements like weight training and sprinting.  As an anabolic fuel Instantized Beta-Alanine provides the stimulus to increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays muscular fatigue, allowing you to push through every workout by providing the fuel to accelerate maximal workout power.  Numerous studies confirm the ability of this amino acid to boost muscle strength, power and endurance.  It does this by combining with another amino acid, Histidine, to form the compound Carnosine.  Carnosine increases a muscle�s ability to contract harder for longer.   This results in the ability to maintain your strength longer when you train thereby tearing more muscle tissue down and forcing your body to grow if provided with a nitrogen rich environment such as the environment MAGNUM OPUS� provides.

Instantized L-Citrulline Malate -is the amino acid Citrulline bonded to the organic Krebs cycle intermediary Malic Acid. Citrulline is heavily involved in the urea cycle in the kidneys, helping to remove the build-up of fatigue causing ammonia, and being converted to arginine in the process, which releases nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a second messenger in the body, helping promote blood flow and increase nutrient uptake to working muscles.  Citrulline also promotes bicarbonate re-absorption by the kidneys which can help buffer against any negative change in pH that ammonia build-up can cause, especially during exercise.  Instantized Citrulline Malate has many positive effects on exercise performanceincluding: 1) increased production of energy, 2) improved stamina and fatigue resistance, 3) improved recovery and energy levels, and 4) increased blood flow and amino acid delivery to skeletal muscle, leading to increased protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Instantized L-Glycine �is one of the non-essential amino acids and is used to help create muscle tissue and convert glucose into energy.  It helps prevent the breakdown of muscle by boosting the body�s levels of Creatine, a compound that helps build muscle mass. Glycine is considered a glucogenic amino acid, which means it helps supply the body with glucose needed for energy.  It also regulates blood sugar levels, making glycine supplementation very useful in treating symptoms characterized by low energy and fatigue.  Glycine is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and of major importance to the creation of protein, peptides and Creatine.   Glycine retards muscle degeneration by supplying additional Creatine, a compound that is present in muscle tissue and is utilized in the construction of DNA and RNA.  Instantized L-Glycine improves glycogen storage, thus freeing up glucose for energy needs.  Recently, studies have shown Glycine to help promote deeper, sounder and more satisfying sleep without any morning drowsiness when taken daily.

Instantized Calcium and Sodium Bicarbonate - by lowering the acidity of the digestive process, OPUS�s� Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients are less likely to be subjected to as much damage, allowing a higher concentration of them to survive the gut and be absorbed through the smaller intestine into the bloodstream for uptake into working muscles.  Bicarbonate can also buffer lactate and hydrogen ions formed during exercise allowing the hard training athlete to push through the pain zone.  Additionally, having an acidic pH not only causes lower muscle mass, but can also lower plasma levels of IGF-1. Having an acidic pH is not conducive to building muscle.   Oral administration of Instantized Bicarbonate increases blood pH (makes the blood more basic) in healthy adults, both at rest and during exercise.  Metabolic acidosis (an acidic pH level) has long been known to promote protein breakdown and nitrogen excretion.   In several studies, daily administration of bicarbonate� which acts as a blood buffer and reduces acidity� improved muscle power during intense exercise in healthy subjects.

The reduction in acid production resulted in less nitrogen excretion (greater protein retention) in men.  This change in net acid excretion (the amount of acid being excreted from the body) was positively correlated with how much nitrogen was being lost; a decrease in nitrogen excretion is consistent with decreased net muscle catabolism.

Treatment with Instantized Bicarbonate significantly lowered nitrogen excretion. Therefore, using a blood buffer such as Instantized Bicarbonate is a way of reducing muscle tissue breakdown.


OPUS Hydrating Energy Blitz�

Krebs Cycle Acids - (Citric, AKG, Malic, Fumaric, Succinic) � These acids are intermediate compounds that are found in the Krebs� cycle and are necessary to generate cellular energy for muscle fuel. Supplementing these essential Krebs� cycle acids in the presence of nutrient cofactors can enable a partially completed Krebs� cycle to go to completion. They can also prevent and remove the harmful byproducts that are generated from abnormal energy production in themitochondria.  And they can stimulate a high yield of ATP from the mitochondria for muscle energy.

Citric Acid, is key player in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, which is part of a metabolic pathway involved in the chemical conversion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate energy.  Citric Acid administration activates the TCA cycle and also the subsequent oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria thereby increasing the production of ATP.  This reduces physical fatigue in hard training individuals and allows them to train longer and harder.  Additionally, a low level of Citric Acid diminishes amino acid availability and requires supplementation to generate energy.

Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid (AKG) plays a vital role in the Krebs� cycle production of energy.  As a precursor of the amino acid, glutamic acid, AKG stabilizes blood glucose levels during exercise.  AKG benefits the athlete by supporting protein synthesis, allowing for longer, more intense workouts, and by promoting healthy nitrogen balance.  Studies of patients given supplemental AKG following surgery found a nitrogen-sparing effect and a reduction in loss of lean body mass.  AKG helps reduce ammonia levels that may interfere with exercise performance.  Studies have demonstrated that ammonia formed in the muscle, kidney and brain combines with AKG to reduce ammonia toxicity.

Malic Acid acts as a catalyst in the Krebs� cycle to increase energy production from the burning of pyruvic acid. Malic acid also aids in exercise recovery by counteracting the buildup of lactic acid.  Supplementation of malic acid has been reported to be beneficial in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by reducing symptoms of persistent fatigue, muscular myalgia and arthritic-like pains.

Fumaric Acid is the trans-isomer of malic acid that enters the citric acid cycle.  It�s a byproduct at certain stages in the arginine-urea cycle and purine biosynthesis.  It is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle used by cells to produce energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from food.

Succinic Acid
, like other Krebs� cycle intermediates, is an entry pathway for other metabolites into the cycle and is involved in a variety of important biological actions. In addition to its enzyme activity, it combines with protein to rebuild muscle fiber and nerve endings, and helps fight infection.  Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and athletes, who have chronically over trained,have shown low levels of succinic acid in their urine.  Several amino acids are metabolized into succinic acid, providing a source of anaerobic and aerobic energy.
� Phosphates � (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Dicalcium Phosphate)
� Phosphate supplementation improves endurance performance through three mechanisms:

1. Phosphates buffer the build up of lactic acid � lactic acid causes the burning sensation in muscles during intense exercise � allowing athletes to train at higher intensities before feeling the negative effects of lactic acid
2. Phosphates help to improve the delivery of oxygen to working muscles
3. Phosphates are used to make Adenosine triphosphate (ATP � this is the chemical form of energy within cells) and Creatine Phosphate (CP � an immediate energy store that is used to re-synthesize used ATP molecules) and therefore increase the chemical store of energy within cells.

� Vitamin B Complex � (Pyridoxine HCI (Vit B6), Thiamine (Vit B1),Riboflavin (Vit B2), Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5), Pyridoxine (Vit B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12) The B Vitamins act as coenzymes, compounds that unite with a protein component called an apoenzyme to form an active enzyme.  The enzyme then acts as a catalyst in the chemical reactions that transfer energy from the basic food elements to the body.  B Vitamins have been recognized as coenzymes, and they all appear to be essential in facilitating the metabolic processes that are essential for life.  These vitamins are essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which provides us energy, the breakdown of fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair, and eyes.  One of the most important B vitamins for BCAA utilization is Pyridoxine HCI (Vit B6).   It is an essential co-factor that facilitates transamination reactions. This cofactor helps to drive metabolic reactions necessary for BCAA utilization and energy productionat the cellular level.

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