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Progenex Single Serve Cocoon Night Time Recovery Supplement

Progenex Single Serve Cocoon Night Time Recovery Supplement
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Progenex Single Serve Cocoon Night Time Recovery Supplement

As an essential amino acid, L-tryptophan enters the bloodstream through the walls of the intestinal tract. L-tryptophan serves as a precursor for the production of serotonin. You see, when L-tryptophan crosses the brain-blood barrier, the brain converts it into 5-hyrdoxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, and then into serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in regulating sleep, mood and appetite. When it comes to sleep, low serotonin levels negatively impact sleep/wake cycles (Miyamoto, 2012), as well as result in numerous sleeping disorders (Soulairac, 1977)(Wyatt, 1971). Disrupted sleep can ultimately lead to even greater problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome and/or depression. Whereas, sound and sufficient sleep not only results in happier, non-sleep deprived people, it can help you achieve your best body composition ever, as well as improve immunological function.

With these Progenex Single Serve packets, you can now build your own custom Single Serve Box of your favorite products.

Now you have no excuses when traveling.  You can train hard and recover strong, anywhere!


Progenex Single Serve Cocoon Night Time Recovery Supplement

Improve Immunee Function

Now before we leave the topic of sleep, allow me to remind you of how important sleep is when it comes to immune system support. I will forbear from citing a litany of sources (trust me the list would be large and overwhelming), but in case you are unfamiliar with the research—or simply yearning to delve a little deeper, I highly recommend visiting one of the most recent studies conducted on sleep and improved immune function by Besedovsky and his colleagues, wherein a substantial review of the science of sleep and enhanced immunological defenses is thoroughly detailed and discussed. You’ll probably find more than you cared to know about the sleep dependent activity of T cells and regulatory T cells, but the numerous studies—fully cited in the reference section—are quite handy and helpful (Besedovsky, 2012). Basically, the better you sleep, the better you will feel, and the better equipped your body will be to fight off illness and maintain optimal immune system support.

Improved Mood

Now, let’s get back to our friend, serotonin. In addition to regulating sleep, serotonin also plays an important role in governing mood and behavior. Since L-tryptophan serves as a precursor to serotonin production, Metamorphagen™ can also help elevate your mood. Studies on depression and its treatment have consistently demonstrated L-tryptophan’s ability to increase serotonin production, thereby improving overall mood while ameliorating depressive symptoms (Thomson, 1982), (Levitan, 2000).

Appetite Control

Serotonin is also responsible for appetite regulation. Serotonin inhibits neuropeptide Y, resulting in the suppression of hunger and food intake (Halford & Blundell, 2000). Conversely, a low brain 5-HT level (translate as serotonin level) is associated with enhanced appetite (Leibowitz, 1989) and impaired impulse control (in rats) (Bizot, 1999). Since tryptophan levels directly impact the production of serotonin, PROGENEX Cocoon’s Metamorphagen™ can help you feel satiated as you soundly sleep. No more ravenous mid-night awakenings; your appetite will be regulated while your muscles continuously baste in a slow and steady supply of amino acids, stimulating growth, recovery and repair.*

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