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SNATCH - Fitness Apparel

SNATCH - Fitness Apparel

About SNATCH Performance Apparel

In late 2011, two gym bums would get together once every week to discuss life, ladies, CrossFit, tacos, and everything else in between. A few meetings later, and inspired by the distinct lifestyle CrossFitters lived, they had the idea to make some t-shirts with SNATCH printed on them for their buddies to rock around town.

Slowly but surely, word began to spread through tight knit circles about a brand that accurately represented what CrossFit athletes were all about. The in your face branding and roguish name speaks volumes to the solid and intense community that is CrossFit. Soon, the lads found themselves teamed up with a roster of friends and athletes united through their love and passion for the CrossFit lifestyle that they lived.

Today, the SNATCH Performance Apparel boys feel excited and privileged to be part of such a powerful team that shares the goal of enjoying and spreading the SNATCH Lifestyle to CrossFit athletes all around the world…
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