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Titan Support Systems

Titan Support Systems

About Titan Support Systems

Always the Originator, Never the Imitator

Making a statement and living by it are two very different concepts to reconcile. This, however, is what defines Titan Support Systems. Located in Texas, USA, their employees are reminded that they are craftsmen and craftswomen before all else. Pride in craftsmanship is their mantra. At Titan, they do not compromise on quality or sacrifice performance for speed and sheer profit. That's not what they're all about! They produce world class products that they would be proud of, products that they themselves would choose to use.

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It's an ongoing process that involves people at every level of production. Titan employees take pride in what they produce. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is simply passed along the line. It starts with cutters who first inspect every square foot of fabric and grade it, marking it what is acceptable and what is not. This in itself is quite a job when you consider that the rolls of fabric are 5 feet long and often have 60 to 100 yards on a roll weighing upwards of 150lbs! If the quality doesn't meet their specific requirements, Titan Support Systems will reject the entire roll of material. Quality matters.

Titan Support Systems sewing construction is focused not on speed of production but on what will make for the best performance of the product for the weightlifter. Instead of using faster straight stitch construction, Titan uses a satin stitch because it absorbs stress better and makes for a stronger product. However, this doesn't mean that the actual construction process crawls along. Titan uses modern industrial sewing machines with 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower motors capable of 7,000 stitches per minute to blend craftsmanship with modern production techniques.

Owned and operated by the Alaniz family, Titan Support Systems has become a mainstay in the sport of Powerlifting. Titan Support Systems is one of the oldest manufacturers of powerlifting gear. A leader in innovation, many of the products enjoyed by Powerlifters today were pioneered by Titan. Titan belts, singlets, wraps and equipeed gear are entirely made in the United States from locally sourced materials.  Titan Support Systems offers the widest range of IPF Approved raw and equipped powerlifting gear in the industry!


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