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Fitness Town

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Mastering the Fundamentals – Water and Sleep!

In the same spirit of discussing fitness fundamentals, I thought that I would write about a couple of universal keys to everyone’s success – from the deconditioned beginner to the world class athlete. What I’m about to say is not new and is really nothing more than common sense. Even so, I feel that it needs to be said yet again in the hopes of giving some of you a little nudge towards action if you are not currently employing the following action steps.

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Getting Clarity on Your Fitness Journey – Asking Quality Questions to Help You Move Forward

I recently had a woman come into my store looking for advice to help her husband lose weight. He was, in her estimation, 70lbs overweight and approaching middle age. She was concerned about his health and looking to help him make some changes. Her first question was, “Would it help if we changed the milk in his morning shake from regular to almond?”

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The Benefits of Functional Trainers

When it comes to strength and resistance training, functional trainers are the most effective and versatile piece of fitness equipment on the market. Not only do these machines allow you to work the most muscle groups in the widest variety of ways, they are also safe to use for all age groups capable of resistance training.

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The Zero Runner – A New Way to Run

Hi! My name is Jordyn and I am one of the Sales Associates at Fitness Town. I have worked at Fitness Town for a year and half now and enjoy the experience of being a part of the fitness industry.

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Best of Vancouver Awards – Vote Fitness Town!

Vote for Fitness Town and you could win a trip to Maui in the 20th annual Best of Vancouver Awards!       Help celebrate all that Vancouver has to offer. Right now Georgia Straight is looking for your say about the best of the city. From now until 9:00 am on July 22nd, we encourage you to take part and vote for us!  Fitness Town has been annually recognized as the best Fitness Equipment Retail Store in Vancouver . With the bar raised high, we...

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Fitness Town and the Grind for Kids!

Supporting BC Children's Hospital Through Fitness    It’s the Grind season again, do you know what that means? Fitness Town is challenging you to push yourself for a great cause and join our The Fitness Town Summit Seekers team . If you can't make it out this season, no worries! We are accepting cash donations at any of our lower mainland Fitness Town locations . For the 5 th  straight year, The Fitness Town Summit Seekers will be  collecting pledges...

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My "Learn to Run 10km" Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 3)

Join me through my final experience tackling the “Learn to Run 10km” program using the Zero Runner So, here we are at the final installment of my “Learn to run 10km” experience using the Zero Runner by Octane Fitness . If you haven't been following along, here's what you've been missing. We are currently about 2 months after I started the program and I've done 13 weeks worth of running in 2/3rds the time (based on the typical program timeline). I am also...

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Olympic Barbells vs. Standard Barbells

What is the difference between an Olympic Barbell and a Standard Barbell?  Okay, so you’re probably thinking “is there really a huge difference between barbells?” Well, as surprised as you may be, there are some things that are unique for both types of bars. It’s important to ensure you  are purchasing and using the right barbell. If you are ever confused, visit one of our 8 locations so our Fitness Town Experts can assist you. Throughout this post...

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My "Learn to Run 10km" Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 2)

Continuing my journey with the "Learn to Run 10km" program and the Zero Runner  If you haven't had the opportunity to read my  first installment of this series, let me fill you in a little. In the past few months, I have decided to complete a running program called "Learn to Run 10km" using the new Zero Runner  by Octane Fitness. The program consists of 3 different interval runs a week, with each week being progressively more difficult until you are running 10+ km without...

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Fitness Town Service - Big-Box Retailers vs Specialty Retailers

Fitness Town Service, it’s more than just "fix it"... it's a commitment!  What does it truly mean to give great service? Many  people have asked me this over the 17 years I've been working for Fitness Town and the Health and Fitness Industry. Truth is, there are so many factors that add up to that level of quality service. At Fitness Town , our main focus is on our customers. We understand that when buying a piece of fitness equipment, you’re making a...

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