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TOP Cardio Machines To Get Your Heart Pumping At Home!

Are the neighbourhood jogs just not cutting it anymore? Not to worry, we’ve brought back the best cardio machines to get your heart pumping at home, boost your metabolism and revitalize your energy! Since staying at home, your workout routine may have been completely flipped upside down. As we all wait for gyms to reopen and for the perfect weather to take exercise outside, we're all trying to find new ways to get our fix of cardio during the "new normal." Now is a better time than ever...

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The Ultimate Home Exercise Starter Pack

To our loyal fitness family, we know exercise plays an essential role in your lives. As gyms and public exercise facilities temporarily close their doors, we still encourage you stay healthy and workout at home.

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Enter To Win A Massage Gun

Happy February fitness family! This month Fitness Town is giving away an exciting product that has won the hearts of physiotherapists, personal trainers and heavy lifters, and you could have a chance to win one. Show us what fitness means to you and enter to win a Fitness Town Massage Gun!

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New Year, New Goals

… Same you, but stronger. Welcome to the next decade and the start of your refined goals. From beginners to competitors, we could all reflect on our goals this year and ask ourselves what’s working and what isn’t. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help get you started.

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Why Choose a WaterRower?

Over the past several decades, a misconception has been established around the idea that cardio training is the best fat burning method. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, has definitely earned its place as one of the key components to any successful exercise regime. However, it should be noted that cardio training should be utilized along with other forms of exercise to achieve the maximum amount of benefits to one’s overall health, well-being and physique.

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Enjoy Your Exercise

Getting into or staying in shape is a very simple process: eat healthy and be active… always. Simple, but not easy. People start exercising with the best of intentions, but usually end up quitting within the first six weeks. Overhauling one’s lifestyle is not an easy thing to do and the typical method of hitting the reset button is to get a gym membership and start grinding out workouts three to five days a week. Unless the gym atmosphere and new routine really clicks, motivation wears thin and the best of intentions can’t compete against what ends up becoming a dull slog through endless repetitions and cardio signup wait times.

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Fitness is More Than Just Cardio

Fitness Town Fitness Expert Cartoon One of the most common questions I get is “if you were to pick one piece of equipment to stay fit, what would it be?” That’s a bit like saying “if you had to pick between the engine, steering wheel, and seats of your car, which would you keep?” You can’t really drive a functional car without all of these components, just like you’re not really fit if you don’t have a healthy metabolism, and are strong and flexible. Picture the following scenarios:I speak to a number of clients every week who tell me that they want to buy a piece of cardio equipment –treadmills, bikes, ellipticals or rowers – because they want to “keep fit.”

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Maximize High Intensity Interval Training

Customer's come in every week asking about the Max Trainer. People want to know if we carry it, whether or not it’s a good product and if it actually does burn more calories than other machines. Parent company, Nautilus Inc., to Octane Fitness, has done a great job marketing this product but if you pay attention to the infomercial, the focus is really on the idea of the “quick workout”. Fourteen minutes is all you need to melt the pounds off, they say and they are correct.

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The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

Whether you are using therapy bands to recover from injury or adding a new degree of difficulty to your lifting, bands provide a great deal of benefits to help you reach your fitness goals. Resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body. Resistance bands work to strengthen and elongate the muscle fibres increasing your flexibility tremendously.

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Benefits of Exercising in the Morning!

This is a short blog on why it’s a good idea to do cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning. I like to keep my mind focused on simple fundamentals (in fitness and in life), and doing cardio first thing in the morning is a nice little principle that can really make a big difference. It’s a success first thing in the morning! Wake up, make a trip to the washroom and then get on your exercise bike, elliptical or put on your shoes and get outside for a brisk walk/jog.

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