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Building Muscle at Home

Most of us crave our vision of "the perfect body"Fitness Town - Greek Sculpture with washboard abs, well toned legs and striking biceps. We dream for our bodies to be carefully shaped into something that resembles a Greek sculpture, but the gym can be intimidating for a lot of people and building muscle can be difficult… especially beginners.

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Finding Time for Fitness on the Go

Fitness Town focuses on inspiring healthy lifestyles while providing expert advice to help people to utilize the ideal fitness equipment for their needs and goals. They understand that today, people are always on the go. Whether you travel for work, have a busy schedule or spend your time elsewhere outdoors there is always something you can take on the go.

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Seniors Fitness Blog Part 2 – Rowing

This post picks up from the end of the first post, Part 1 . Here I'll describe why I zeroed in on rowing machines as the method for improving my own physical well-being, give background to my own research on rowers, and also provide a detailed comparison on two of the most popular machines. I'll talk briefly about home vs. fitness centre machines. And I'll conclude by sharing some of my results after approximately 8 weeks of concentrated use.   Why a Rowing Machine vs. Something...

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7 Tips to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

While I am a firm believer that counting calories & macros is the easiest way to lose weight, I am still convinced that the mass majority of the population doesn't want to do this. I understand why, it seems like a hassle… and sometimes, it is. While I will always continue to count calories, I thought I would write a post with 7 useful tips that people who don't want to count calories can use to still drop weight and burn fat. Just realize these are helpful tips you can use to...

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Seniors Fitness Blog - Part 1

Hello and Welcome! This is the first and initial post, and I want to describe for you what I hope to achieve here.  First of all, the blog is for SENIORS , and in particular, seniors, who have taken the decision to do something about improving their overall physical well-being. There already is an enormous amount of information on the Internet to help seniors improve their overall physical well-being. So, is this blog any different? Well, yes! I will describe how one...

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5 Stretches to Do at the Office

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle then you’re not alone, according to a recent Stats Canada survey, only 15% of Canadians are getting their minimum amount of daily recommended exercise. Unfortunately most people spend at least eight hours per day sitting in a slouched position with little to no movement which may be great for your work productivity, however, it’s counter-productive when it comes to healthy living. Stats Canada found that most Canadians were in a...

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Boost Your Metabolism!

Does your metabolism need a boost? When looking to lose weight, many people are unsure of where to start or how their metabolism comes into play. It's a common misconception that by eating less and skipping meals you will lose weight. By skipping meals during the day, it prevents your body from getting the essential nutrients you need to function. The general concept of weight loss is that you need to burn off more calories than you consume. Having a high metabolism is important in the...

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Best of Vancouver Awards 2015

Fitness Town is committed to exceeding your fitness equipment needs year round. We strive to be the best we can be and that’s why we'd like to say  THANK YOU to all those who voted for us as the #1 Exercise & Fitness Equipment Store in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver Awards! Our mission at Fitness Town is to inspire healthy lifestyles and provide expert advice to help people to utilize the ideal fitness equipment for their needs and goals. By...

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Top-up Your Water Bottle Again & Again This Summer

Forgetting to bring along water to the beach is like forgetting to put on sunscreen! Summers been kicking around for awhile and it's been a hot one! Whether it's to work out, have a BBQ or go for a swim, everyone wants to have a good time outside. I know I like to hit the water at the beach whenever I can, but with the heat comes responsibilities too. The Sun gives us life, but it can also be very dangerous if you leave yourself overexposed. Understand your Body It's...

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Bounce Back From Your Injuries

A fitness-related injury can have physical and mental effects Working out is tough but trying to stay active and healthy while injured can be even harder. There's nothing like feeling at the top of your game to having it come to a speeding halt. Whether you've pulled muscles, ligaments or even broken bones, it's important to focus on rehabilitation from your injuries.   Injury from Inactivity My lower back hurts, your lower back hurts, everyone’s lower back hurts, I get...

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