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Product Reviews

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My "Learn to Run 10km" Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 3)

Join me through my final experience tackling the “Learn to Run 10km” program using the Zero Runner So, here we are at the final installment of my “Learn to run 10km” experience using the Zero Runner by Octane Fitness . If you haven't been following along, here's what you've been missing. We are currently about 2 months after I started the program and I've done 13 weeks worth of running in 2/3rds the time (based on the typical program timeline). I am also...

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My "Learn to Run 10km" Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 1)

Will the Zero Runner hold up throughout the program?  This spring I have decided to complete a running program called " Learn to Run 10km "  using the new Octane Zero Runner . Octane has put a tremendous amount of resources into their new running machine and it is has been very popular on the sales floor at Fitness Town . Being a bigger guy myself, and not really classifying myself as a “runner” per say, I plan to see if someone in my situation could use it...

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RockTape Knee Caps: A Review

RockTape Knee Caps: Are they worth it? I needed knee sleeves. I was tired of wrapping my knees with Voodoo Floss, unwrapping them, rolling them up, and then scrubbing the smell of latex off my hands. Enter the RockTape Knee Caps: They offered a 7 mm thickness, perfect for my powerlifting (k)needs. Apparently, many people swear by Rehband knee sleeves but their 7 mm sleeves are hard to find now so the KneeCaps were now my first choice. What I wanted to find out was whether the RockTape...

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Polar Loop & H7 Heart Rate Strap: Product Review

Polar Loop & H7 Heart Rate Strap Two and a half years ago, I was given an activity tracker  watch (not the advanced Polar Loop) for the first time. As a previous inactive person who was really trying to make a lifestyle change, this was the best present ever! For the first few months, I hit my goal nine times out of ten with activities like Zumba, other aerobics classes, walking the dog and the occasional jog. Goodbye Basic Activity Tracker Later, I became interested...

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Lifting shoes: Should you buy them?

"All lifting shoes are amazing!" That is what you will read when reading online reviews for lifting shoes. Most of the reviews are written by people who have experience using lifting shoes for squat or Olympic lifts and it truly makes a world of difference.  So, if you are debating “Should I get a lifting shoe?” the answer is yes and YES!!!   What makes lifting shoes so amazing? It's all about the heel. The heel lift is a key structural difference in lifting...

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Functional shoes for your functional training.

The research regarding footwear, especially functional fitness shoes, is changing how companies are making shoes and there are many options out there for training.  Let me break down some of the different options for you. If you are lifting, be it weights, barbells, kettlebells or just carrying groceries, ideally you want a shoe that provides a solid connection to the ground.  This means you want minimal to zero cushioning under the heel so that you have a stable surface...

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Why Buy a WaterRower?

WaterRower Buying Guide First off, when buying a rowing machine or any piece of cardio equipment, you need find the right piece of equipment for your needs and goals. A good quality, indoor rowing machine will provide: 1. A complete full body, cardiovasicular workout. 2. Rowing is great example of a low impact cardio so your workout will be easy on your knees, ankles and joints! 3. The flexibility to accommodate a competitive athlete right down to a beginner just starting a training...

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The LifeCycle GX Spin Bike: what makes it so good?

Let's start with a quick history of Life Fitness. Four or so years ago they used to sell the Lemond spin cycles under their banner, then they switched to Keiser spin bikes.  Then 2 years ago, after taking the best elements from the Lemond cycle and the best from the Keiser, they created the Life cycle GX. From Lemond they took the heavy duty cranks.  These transfer your pedal stroke power into the bike and the specialty heavy duty forged cranks are much more substantial on the Life...

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Gymnastic Wooden Rings - What & Why?

Maximum versatility Before the creation of the TRX trainer , gymnastic rings were the one tool that could provide both a newbie and the most advanced athlete a way to do pushups, rows, dips and more.  All that is needed is a solid support to hang them from.  A wall mounted pullup bar  or a squat rack with upper bar works well, but anything that can hold your body weight can work.  Ring workouts will intensely challenge your stabilizer muscles and your core so it is...

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Do you even lift? The benefits of PowerBlocks and Weight lifting

I, James Newman, the CEO of Fitness Town have been using PowerBocks ( believe or not ) since their inception over 20 years ago. I got my first set when my wife was pregnant with our first… At that time we lived in a 2 bedroom Condo and our second bedroom was our home gym. Set of Hex Dumbbell’s 5 to 50 with a Dumbbell rack and a bench and an exercise bike. I was informed the gym had to go…. The bike could stay but the dumbbells were too dangerous to have around our new...

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