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Lifting shoes: Should you buy them?

"All lifting shoes are amazing!" That is what you will read when reading online reviews for lifting shoes. Most of the reviews are written by people who have experience using lifting shoes for squat or Olympic lifts and it truly makes a world of difference.  So, if you are debating “Should I get a lifting shoe?” the answer is yes and YES!!!   What makes lifting shoes so amazing? It's all about the heel. The heel lift is a key structural difference in lifting...

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Functional shoes for your functional training.

The research regarding footwear, especially functional fitness shoes, is changing how companies are making shoes and there are many options out there for training.  Let me break down some of the different options for you. If you are lifting, be it weights, barbells, kettlebells or just carrying groceries, ideally you want a shoe that provides a solid connection to the ground.  This means you want minimal to zero cushioning under the heel so that you have a stable surface...

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Gymnastic Wooden Rings - What & Why?

Maximum versatility Before the creation of the TRX trainer , gymnastic rings were the one tool that could provide both a newbie and the most advanced athlete a way to do pushups, rows, dips and more.  All that is needed is a solid support to hang them from.  A wall mounted pullup bar  or a squat rack with upper bar works well, but anything that can hold your body weight can work.  Ring workouts will intensely challenge your stabilizer muscles and your core so it is...

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Training and Workout Splits: What are they, Which to choose, and Why?

Training and Workout Splits: What are they, Which to choose, and Why? What's your training split? One of the more common questions asked in the gym, and amongst gym-goers, "What's your training split?" If you step foot in the gym on a regular, or even semi-occasional basis , chances are you follow some sort of training, or workout split. Right!? I hope so *fingers crossed* Training splits breaks up your workout so that each day you are training a different group of muscles. There are...

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Getting Functionally fit: advice for beginners and firebreathers

Functional fitness is something that has long been seen as important. Working exercises that mimic your daily movements into your existing routine is much easier than you think and the benefits are huge. On top of the regular exercise benefits like increased energy levels, circulation of blood, muscle toning etc., this type of fitness is special in that it brings a sense of community, enthusiasm and creates a well structured workout. It is welcoming and far less intimidating than one might...

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No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin

No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin I lost it - and what a memorable experience it was. Still haven't read my "I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity" post? Get on it! Now where do I begin? As someone who has an entire favourites tab dedicated to motivational videos, most of which feature montages of locker room speeches, famous quotes, and inspirational music. You wouldn't have found a happier person in the world than myself at 12:20pm on Saturday. Prior to...

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I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity

I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity Everybody remembers the first time...right? In early February, my phone rang, it was my friend Dean, "Hey Malcolm,  thinking about putting a team together for Tough Mudder - you in?" "Umm... What? Tough Mudder? When is it? Where is it? Oh, okay, well, yeah...sure" I chalked this up as one of these ideas that friends have but never come to fruition. A few hours later, the phone rang. Dean again. "Hey Malcolm, I...

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Top 10 Must Have Items for the Crossfit Lover!

As a Crossfit athletes, I am always looking for products that can improve my performance. If I can train harder, I will have an edge on my competitors. I always come across new prototypes that I think would be very cool to add to my arsenal of equipment. Fat bars, chalk, and Cramer tape are specialty products that can intensify your training and enhance your game. However, If I were to outfit my garage gym or if I was starting a small Crossfit studio, I would be looking at products that...

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Medicine Ball Basics

Medicine balls are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. You can used them to make normal exercised unstable, to add weight to simple core exercises or to engage you whole body in compound movements. However, not every type of medicine ball is equally suited for every task. The following few paragraphs will give you an idea of which medicine ball is best suited for which type of exercise.   -     Slam Balls: As the name may indicate, this type of medicine ball...

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Why Women Need CrossFit

Why Women Need CrossFit Found this article and thought it was worth putting up! Lift Like a Girl--Why Women Need CrossFit by: Amy S. Sullivan Savanna Wilson was bored with her traditional gym workouts. "I was always athletic and did every sport you could imagine throughout high school," she said. "When I graduated I was at local gyms trying things I read about in magazines as well as running on the elliptical but it was always the same thing everyday." Then Wilson...

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