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Success tips for battling an uphill hike

Summertime is a great time of year to venture outside. If you are lucky enough to live by mountains you are probably familiar with the uphill hike. These hikes can feel a little overwhelming at times so here are some tips to help you survive! 1. Stretch.  Stretching is crucial for any fitness task and a hike is no exception. You should warm your muscles up before you start and certainly stretch them out when you are finished. This will decrease your chances of injury along the way and...

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Find Your WHY

We all have our reasons for getting and keeping fit. One of the keys to success and staying with it is to write down as many reasons as you can for getting off your butt. What is my WHY? In other words, why do I want to keep fit and healthy?  Some of my reasons might be the same as yours. Some of them might seem kind of silly to you, but I'm sure some of yours might seem kind of silly to me. Whatever works is what I always say. So here is my list of WHY I keep plugging away at trying to be...

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