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What is your Favourite Exercise and Why?

What is your Favourite Exercise and Why? Everyone has got one - what's yours? Everyone has a favourite exercise. Maybe it's the one where you feel strongest, can complete with perfect form, the exercise that you get the most out of, the one you do first, or for whatever reason the exercise you like the most. So, what is it? Mine? The pullup. Why you ask? Pullups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers. They are great exercise for the back (lats...

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Fitness Town Life Fitness Fit Tip: Carry the Year with a Strong Upper Body

Reading the news of the day can leave you feeling as if life is pretty heavy, and between careers and kids, we have plenty of baggage to carry. But even the heaviest of burdens is nothing a strong set of shoulders can’t manage. Strengthening the upper body means working on four major areas: chest, back, shoulders and arms. These quadrants are intertwined so most exercises do double duty by engaging multiple body parts. Understand how you can carry the weight of the world with this intel...

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What to look for in a home gym

How you invest in fitness equipment can really dictate how you use it: to help you meet your fitness goals, or as a place to hang your clothes. Here are the key things to look for when purchasing a multi-gym for your home. BIOMECHANICS A multi-gym should help you maintain proper form and body alignment when you exercise. If the gym's movement patterns are not biomechanically correct, it can not help you maintain proper alignment throughout the exercise movements, and may even force you into...

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