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Don't Skip Leg Day

Not a fan of deadlifts or squats? Running, or sprinting will help build strong leg muscles as well. Last month I wrote a blog about training splits and it sparked a conversation amongst my friends because I forced them to read it. We talked about our splits, the pros, the cons and everything in between - mostly trying to convince each-other the split we followed was the best. During the conversation, a friend mentioned his new training split.   His exact words, "Chest and...

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Muscle in Focus: Calves by Shawn Vint

The calf muscle is the common name given the two muscles that work to flex the bottom of the foot (the plantar), allowing elevation on our tip-toes. The proper name given these muscles are the underlying soleus muscle, lying close to the bone, and the gastrocnemius, the outer, larger of the two muscles giving well shaped calves a nice diamond-shaped look. If you’re wondering where the common term ‘calf’ came from, it is from the Latin name given for these two muscles combined as a unit, the...

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