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Fitness Tips Galore

  We often post fitness tips on facebook , twitter and pinterest so it just made sense to compile them into one easy accessible place like our blog. Please leave your own tips in the comments below.     General Fitness Tips Working out for 20 minutes 5 times a week decreases sick days by 40% - encourage your employer to have a fitness facility or at least see if your benefits cover any fitness expenses.   Don't take pain killers pre/post work...

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Is technology helping or hindering our fitness?

We live in a time where almost anything you can dream up is possible. Technology is changing at such a dramatic rate that it can be hard to keep up with it all. The initial idea was that if we could create these efficient, automated mechanisms to replace some of the manual work we had to do ourselves, that we would have more time for other things. Many have argued that the opposite is happening, that technology takes away certain tasks and replaces them with others and because we have so many...

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How to use a foam roller and finding the right one for you!

By now most of us have seen someone with a foam roller, many of us even own one at this point. But what should we be doing with them and which one is right for us? Well the answer very much depends on you. What sort of activity do you do? Do prefer a hard massage or a slightly lighter one? The basic idea that applies to everyone is to add a foam roller to your post workout routine, or even have one as a therapeutic pain reliever when you want to loosen the tightness of your muscles. The...

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