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10 Fitness Motivation Tips + Tricks

  So there you are deciding to get back on the wagon, to introduce more fitness into your life. To be healthier, happier and more energetic. All you have to do is actually get back on that elliptical, treadmill, bike or weight machine...but then you forget or you get hungry or something comes up and that wagon get's further and further away. Here are some motivational tips to keep that from happening and to get your fitness on track.   Keep your workout bag in a visible...

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Fitness ideas for us as we age

  Having  recently completed Family Day in Canada we have been focusing on family  fitness  and with that comes parents and fitness for people as they age in general. In our recent Ipsos Reid poll we discovered that the most active household members were children at 69%, followed by male parents and then female parents.  We also learned that 57% of parents would say that they are less active now than when they were younger. This makes sense if you think about...

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Top 10 Reasons to workout as a couple

With Valentine's day but a few days away, this post seemed aptly timed. For all the single ladies and gents out there, you can always work out with a friend just as easily but for the couples out here, these are the top reasons why you should encourage your plus one to workout with you. 1. It gets you in the mood . Exercise is a great way to increase circulation and flow which are some pretty important factors when it comes to sex. Working out can also increase your confidence and make you...

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Is technology helping or hindering our fitness?

We live in a time where almost anything you can dream up is possible. Technology is changing at such a dramatic rate that it can be hard to keep up with it all. The initial idea was that if we could create these efficient, automated mechanisms to replace some of the manual work we had to do ourselves, that we would have more time for other things. Many have argued that the opposite is happening, that technology takes away certain tasks and replaces them with others and because we have so many...

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Reasons 2014 is your year for Fitness

  According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll we conducted, 42% of Vancouverites say they have no plans to set a fitness-related resolution and 15% admit to making fitness resolutions they know they’ll then break. It would seem that less and less people are setting resolutions and it appears that they aren't very affective. So does that mean there is no hope? It sure doesn't, quite the opposite. It means you need to make a lifestyle change and January is a great time to start...

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Healthy Holidays: A poem modeled on the night before Christmas

Be sure to check out the video version of this poem here:   'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Everyone was exercising even the mouse The dumbbells were stacked all in a row Arranged in order from heavy to low The children were skipping, with bright smiling faces Creating natural endorphins with all of their paces Mamma was on the treadmill, favorite song playing loud Papa was on the spin bike, looking at his family so proud When out on the...

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Staying Motivated with Fitness Apps

B etween apple and android devices, there are over 25,000 apps that are available for download. This is one of the fastest growing app categories and in my opinion one of the more useful ones as well (although of course there is a time and place for posting photos of food, playing angry birds or seeing what your face looks like when combined with your boyfriends). These apps have many different uses and the one(s) you download should take into consideration your goals and your fitness level.

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Fitness Procrastination: A Solution (poem)

  You want to get fit, but you just can’t start You know that it’s good for you - your mind, body and heart Tomorrow you think, I can start then Oh shoot, I have plans with a friend Monday for sure, that is the day Uh oh Oh no, I have my daughter’s play Days turn to weeks and still you delay What you would do to go back, the cash you would pay No need to fret, you can find time Start today, right now, at the end of the last line Just take 20 minutes, take a...

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