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Fitness is More Than Just Cardio

Fitness Town Fitness Expert Cartoon One of the most common questions I get is “if you were to pick one piece of equipment to stay fit, what would it be?” That’s a bit like saying “if you had to pick between the engine, steering wheel, and seats of your car, which would you keep?” You can’t really drive a functional car without all of these components, just like you’re not really fit if you don’t have a healthy metabolism, and are strong and flexible. Picture the following scenarios:I speak to a number of clients every week who tell me that they want to buy a piece of cardio equipment –treadmills, bikes, ellipticals or rowers – because they want to “keep fit.”

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I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity

I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity Everybody remembers the first time...right? In early February, my phone rang, it was my friend Dean, "Hey Malcolm,  thinking about putting a team together for Tough Mudder - you in?" "Umm... What? Tough Mudder? When is it? Where is it? Oh, okay, well, yeah...sure" I chalked this up as one of these ideas that friends have but never come to fruition. A few hours later, the phone rang. Dean again. "Hey Malcolm, I...

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There’s a reason that everyone isn’t walking around with six-pack abs and 5% body fat: it takes work. A lot of it. And even the most amazing, nothing-like-it-on-the-market supplement, on its own, can’t deliver them. This was originally posted at Elite Athlete LLC.  See original here . The ONLY way to achieve an amazing body is to train hard and eat right. You can also take supplements that either help you train hard or provide much-needed nutrients. PROGENEX...

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What About Fiber?

If you haven’t read my article From Grains to The Grave , you should do so. I recommend eating a diet based on lean meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds if you want to be on route to optimum fitness, health and longevity. If you follow the USDA, AMA, or just about any government agency recommendations to eat grains as the base of your diet, you are on the wrong path. Ever since the government entities have implemented the food pyramid, we have been only getting fatter and...

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