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Don't Skip Leg Day

Not a fan of deadlifts or squats? Running, or sprinting will help build strong leg muscles as well. Last month I wrote a blog about training splits and it sparked a conversation amongst my friends because I forced them to read it. We talked about our splits, the pros, the cons and everything in between - mostly trying to convince each-other the split we followed was the best. During the conversation, a friend mentioned his new training split.   His exact words, "Chest and...

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What is your Favourite Exercise and Why?

What is your Favourite Exercise and Why? Everyone has got one - what's yours? Everyone has a favourite exercise. Maybe it's the one where you feel strongest, can complete with perfect form, the exercise that you get the most out of, the one you do first, or for whatever reason the exercise you like the most. So, what is it? Mine? The pullup. Why you ask? Pullups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers. They are great exercise for the back (lats...

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Trigger Point - How to stretch Hip Flexors!

We often hear about tight hip flexors. What to do to fix them? By incorporating the TP Quadroller and TP Grid , you can gain a proper range of motion and fluidity of movement through the quadriceps and hips–which is crucial to optimal performance. In today’s workout, we will release your strength by first targeting the quadriceps with the TP Quadballer , followed by a static hip flexor stretch. We will then integrate the TP Grid into our strengthening phase targeting the...

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