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Is Your Fitness Resolution Still a Thing?

Did you set the resolution bar too high? New Years Day was about 5 weeks ago, or 38 days, or 912 hours, or 5,520 min-err, you get the idea - it was a while ago. So...have you kept up with your fitness resolution? Yes? No? Maybe? If you just answered "Yes" - that's awesome! You're awesome! Carry on being awesome! But if you answered "No", or "Maybe", keep reading. According to our latest Ipsos Reid survey, we learned that: "15% of Vancouverites admit to making fitness resolutions...

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Reasons 2014 is your year for Fitness

  According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll we conducted, 42% of Vancouverites say they have no plans to set a fitness-related resolution and 15% admit to making fitness resolutions they know they’ll then break. It would seem that less and less people are setting resolutions and it appears that they aren't very affective. So does that mean there is no hope? It sure doesn't, quite the opposite. It means you need to make a lifestyle change and January is a great time to start...

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Mindset Revisted by Shawn Vint

The mind plays a crucial role in determining one’s entire outlook on life. The mind determines whether we stay down when we stumble, or whether we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down. Understanding the role that thoughts and emotions will play in reaching our wellness goals will make the journey less bumpy. In the January edition of our Wellness E-Zine we spoke of the importance in beginning any change in lifestyle habit with a change of mindset. It was an encouragement to start the New...

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