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Pilates Reformer Buyers Guide

What do you know about buying a Pilates reformer? Feel free to utilize this guide to get some basic information on choosing the right product for you.

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No Mobility, Mo Problems

The no mobility I come across, the mo problems I see. I'm all about self-diagnosis and have found that I'm the perfect fit for stiff guy syndrome. I'm not very flexible, I don't recall ever being flexible and my lack of mobility is causing mo problems - so what gives? I consider myself to be fairly active but I do a lot of sitting. Probably Definitely too much sitting. All those years in a classroom, basically every job since post-secondary requires me to be on the computer most...

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2014 Fitness Goal Setting & Motivation

Only a few calendars days remain in 2013 and it's time reflect on the year and the goals you hopefully set. Most importantly, it's time to set and start achieving your fitness goals for 2014. Just like any resolution, there are two main factors: Setting the goal and then staying motivated to achieve it.   1. Goal Setting Set goals and write them down. I definitely overlooked this in my adolescent years but nowadays I set personal, financial, work, career, athletic and of...

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Training and Workout Splits: What are they, Which to choose, and Why?

Training and Workout Splits: What are they, Which to choose, and Why? What's your training split? One of the more common questions asked in the gym, and amongst gym-goers, "What's your training split?" If you step foot in the gym on a regular, or even semi-occasional basis , chances are you follow some sort of training, or workout split. Right!? I hope so *fingers crossed* Training splits breaks up your workout so that each day you are training a different group of muscles. There are...

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Cybex Bravo Functional Training System

Cybex knows that without training that works with your body's unique biomechanics, you can only get so far. Introducing the next evolution of functional training: The Cybex Bravo Functional Training System. Cybex International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment primarily for commercial use. The CYBEX product line, including a full range of strength and cardio training machines, is designed using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the...

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Here's a Quick Way to Improve Performance

I remember in university coming across a study about a group of subjects who didn't do any actual strength training but just thought about lifting weights and getting stronger and their strength actually did improve over time. That shows the power of mental strength and the placebo effect. I don't think this study is talking about the same thing, but it does show some insight on what to focus your attention on during the act of strength training. So next time you're doing a 100m dash or...

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Top 10 Reasons to Get Fit

I’m sure at least once in your life, someone has mentioned “ You should exercise more .”  There are tons of reasons why you should…and here are mine. 1.)    To Feel Good: Why wouldn’t you want to feel good all the time? Exercise releases endorphins.  Endorphins are believed to relieve pain, enhance the immune system and to relieve stress. 2.)    Better Sex: I did a lot of research and I found this one to be...

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Why Women Need CrossFit

Why Women Need CrossFit Found this article and thought it was worth putting up! Lift Like a Girl--Why Women Need CrossFit by: Amy S. Sullivan Savanna Wilson was bored with her traditional gym workouts. "I was always athletic and did every sport you could imagine throughout high school," she said. "When I graduated I was at local gyms trying things I read about in magazines as well as running on the elliptical but it was always the same thing everyday." Then Wilson...

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Free Weights or machines?

Fitness professionals constantly discuss the differences between free weights and machines. The layman also often asks if he or she should use free weights or machines. Why not use both? Machines are not beneficial solely for beginners and those recovering from injury. Free weights do not have to be restricted to advanced lifters. Both provide physical benefits when incorporated into a strength training program Tradition recommends that individuals choose one or the other (machines or free...

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Muscle in Focus: Calves by Shawn Vint

The calf muscle is the common name given the two muscles that work to flex the bottom of the foot (the plantar), allowing elevation on our tip-toes. The proper name given these muscles are the underlying soleus muscle, lying close to the bone, and the gastrocnemius, the outer, larger of the two muscles giving well shaped calves a nice diamond-shaped look. If you’re wondering where the common term ‘calf’ came from, it is from the Latin name given for these two muscles combined as a unit, the...

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