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Pilates Reformer Buyers Guide

What do you know about buying a Pilates reformer? Feel free to utilize this guide to get some basic information on choosing the right product for you.

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Why Try the Kettlebell Workout?

So what is a Kettlebell and why is it so popular? We get this question all the time! Kettlebells exercises check all the boxes, cardio, strength and flexibility training. First of all Kettlebells are named very appropriately. They are a large cast iron ball shaped weight with a single handle. It resembles a cannon with a handle. It is used to perform many types of exercises ranging from weight lifting to power training exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility training.

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I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity

I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity Everybody remembers the first time...right? In early February, my phone rang, it was my friend Dean, "Hey Malcolm,  thinking about putting a team together for Tough Mudder - you in?" "Umm... What? Tough Mudder? When is it? Where is it? Oh, okay, well, yeah...sure" I chalked this up as one of these ideas that friends have but never come to fruition. A few hours later, the phone rang. Dean again. "Hey Malcolm, I...

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Pumping Iron - The Why's & How's.

There are many different goals that people tell me they want their fitness programs to achieve. However, the one goal that is most requested is increased muscle tone and strength. Daniel Kosich (PhD), renowned American exercise physiologist, claims that the specific overload needed to cause strength gains is a progressive increase in the amount of resistance (weight) used in a training program. In other words - if you don’t use it, you lose it! This premise is reinforced by recent...

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A Deadlift for Tom Nicholls

By Lewis Noppers Pictured Above: Evan Dunn, a team Canada Powerlifter from PEI, doing his deadlift to thank Tom for getting him started in powerlifting It is tough to put into words the thoughts that go through one's mind when something like this happens to someone that you have looked up to for so long in the sport, someone to whom you may have never truly expressed those sentiments. I am a true believer in the power of positive thoughts and positive energy. Since hearing of the...

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Working out with an injury or two.

So it's been a few weeks since my last post.  My arm is still playing up and it seems I need surgery to correct a dislocated radius bone in my right arm.  It's been depressing watching my clothes get baggy and my belly getting larger over the last few weeks.  It's amazing how fast you can get out of shape. I can now relate to people who haven't worked out for an excess amount of time due to an injury, and can see hand's on how easy it is to slip into the world of becoming another North American...

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