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Travel Roller

Travel Roller


Travel Roller

Travel Roller, made by Time2Roll Inc., is committed to excellence & helping others achieve their maximum potential in sport & life.

About Travel Roller's Founder, Arysta Bogner

Arysta is an international fitness model, mobility coach and entrepreneur who is the creator of the Travel Roller�. Arysta has a Bachelor of Honours in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. She has won numerous fitness titles and has a background as a national caliber tennis player with a diverse fitness experience in dance, yoga, weight-loss, body sculpting and holistic rehabilitation. Arysta suffered through athletic burnout and years of chronic pain and injury.

The inception of the Original Travel Roller - the worlds first portable high performance foam roller - was created in 2007. It became Arysta�s 24/7 massage therapist and it completely rehabilitated her body through daily SMR (self-myofascial release), she has since become a foam rolling and self-myofascial release expert. Arysta has helped close to one hundred thousand people achieve a pain free body with a better aligned posture, improved flexibility and enhanced athletic performance with the Travel Roller products. 


�The Roots of Rolling�

The world�s first portable solid core performance foam roller was created in 2007 in Calgary, AB, Canada by Arysta Bogner B. Kin & Adam Wood B. Kin, CSCS. The Travel Roller� was created as a self-therapy tool to rehab athletic injuries and chronic body pain. After a combined decade of research into myo-fascial release in the world of high performance sport, injury rehabilitation and fitness the Original Travel Roller� was born. Over 15,000 hand built prototypes were created in 2007 in Calgary, AB, Canada & perfected to give the world of body rolling the most precise, therapeutic, eco-friendly & portable foam roller on the planet! Travel Roller� helps people achieve a pain free body, aligning their posture, improving flexibility and enhancing athletic performance with the Travel Rollers high quality products.

About Time2Roll Inc.

Time2Roll Inc's goal is to provide simple �how to� education for customers using the Travel Roller� empowering everyone to take control of their total body wellness. To enable others to use the Travel Roller� as a therapeutic tool to manage pain, improve mobility and prevent injury. They aim to help others repair and remove physical restrictions and limitations of their body in order to unleash their full potential in sport and life.

Their purpose is to restore the body to its natural state of function and mobility, to correct the overload & fascial restrictions placed on the body due to over training, injury and daily living. Providing the body an optimal state of alignment for it to regenerate, heal and rebalanced itself.

Their commitment to manufacture high quality, earth friendly self-massage and foam rolling tools available for anyone needing to treat chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury and/or to enhance athletic performance. Products that designed for maximal effectiveness for the body while being non-toxic and renewable for the environment.

Their process is to provide simple and cost effective self-therapy tools to everyone and everywhere around the world and turn-key solutions for chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic coaches, gyms, running/fitness stores, yoga studios assisting in integrated health of the community.

Their vision is to revolutionize their clients daily lives, helping all people live healthier and happier lives will daily rolling, wellness while encouraging continual transformation of body, mind and spirit.

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