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Best Muscle Recovery Techniques for Athletes

My alarm is ringing. It's 5:30am. As I roll out of bed I feel several dozen muscles throughout my body begin to ache, informing me that they have been worked hard and are in the midst of recovering. This creation and healing of the micro-tears occurs when we exercise. These micro-tears form tiny adhesions called “Fascia” that cause the stiffness between our muscles. From years of competing at the highest level in sport, from NCAA Division 1 Basketball to Regional level CrossFit and then becoming a nationally ranked track and field athlete, I know I need to spend time addressing this fascial build up to stay holistically healthy, limber and mobile.

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How to Use a Foam Roller the Right Way

Knowing how to use a foam roller the right way is important for your body. Learn how to use a foam roller today!

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Easy Ways to get into Shape this Spring

Spring is finally here and what better time to get into shape. With the warmer weather, long days and sunshine, Spring opens up countless ways to ‘Always Keep Moving’.

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How does exercise improve your brain health?

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, it’s also vital for your brain health. If you want to keep your brain sharp at any age, regular exercise is the best place to start.

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Step Counter Basics

Whether you walk or run on a treadmill, take a stroll in the park, go for a hike or take the stairs at work, this all counts towards your daily step count. The point is to 'always keep moving' and step counting is a great place to start. Learn the basics of step counting here.

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2019 : Small resolutions with a big impact

Tis' the time of year for some good ole new year's resolutions. But this year is going to be different right?!? We all resolve to eat better, lose weight, get more fit, drink less wine etc etc but how many of us actually stick to the plan? Make 2019 the year for small changes.

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Perfect Holiday Fitness Gifts Under $100

Sometimes it’s hard finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member. This holiday season, why not give the gift of fitness? Whether you are shopping for your nephew who is a fitness enthusiast or your grandma who just needs to do some gentle exercises; we’ve got gifts that the whole family will love. We recently surveyed our staff of fitness experts, and here is our list of the top 10 perfect holiday gifts for under $100:

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5 Ways to Incorporate HIIT Training into your Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HIIT, can be completed in a shorter amount of time than traditional strength or cardio sessions making it a very efficient workout for those with limited time. It is also more effective for fat burning and cardiovascular health than a traditional, steady state cardio session.

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Enjoy Your Exercise

Getting into or staying in shape is a very simple process: eat healthy and be active… always. Simple, but not easy. People start exercising with the best of intentions, but usually end up quitting within the first six weeks. Overhauling one’s lifestyle is not an easy thing to do and the typical method of hitting the reset button is to get a gym membership and start grinding out workouts three to five days a week. Unless the gym atmosphere and new routine really clicks, motivation wears thin and the best of intentions can’t compete against what ends up becoming a dull slog through endless repetitions and cardio signup wait times.

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Why Try the Kettlebell Workout?

So what is a Kettlebell and why is it so popular? We get this question all the time! Kettlebells exercises check all the boxes, cardio, strength and flexibility training. First of all Kettlebells are named very appropriately. They are a large cast iron ball shaped weight with a single handle. It resembles a cannon with a handle. It is used to perform many types of exercises ranging from weight lifting to power training exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility training.

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