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Hello everyone, if you like to travel a lot or have to travel a lot for work, you probably need some new workout ideas to do in your hotel right? Preferably something quick and easy?  Well I have the perfect hotel workout for you.

Drop-in fees at gyms are super expensive, so for the frugal and creative minds, you should opt for a quickie hotel workout.  A great 20-minute workout, and all you need is a space about 2 meters long and 1 meter wide, a stopwatch (or phone), and a chair (a staple found in every hotel room).  I tried this workout and it is just great! Try it next time you are traveling–no excuses not to workout now :) Let me know what you think!


Do this 3-minute circuit 6 times:

  • 30 seconds split squat on R leg (put rear foot on a chair)

  • 30 seconds split squat on L leg (put rear food on a chair)

  • 30 seconds squat jumps

  • 30 seconds push-ups (use rotating push up bars optional)

  • 30 seconds inverted row (use TRX or a towel)

  • 30 seconds rest

Repeat above circuit for a total of 6 times (18 minutes)

Finish off with 2 minutes of squat thrusts

20 minutes DONE!



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