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Treadmill Safety: 8 Tips to Stay Safe on a Treadmill

Here are eight important treadmill safety tips to help you minimize risk while maximizing the benefits of your workout at home.

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Top 5 Reasons to use a weighted vest

A weight vest is a vest, similar to a bullet-proof vest in appearance, that wraps the entire torso and is filled with weights. It is meant to allow some flexibility while still providing resistance and, most importantly, more weight to carry in a workout, which makes the workout more strenuous. Overall Benefits 1.   In almost any workout, a weight vest will increase the intensity of the workout. The Vest creates the effect of mass evenly distributed over the body’s...

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How to buy a treadmill (Part 3)

Over the past two weeks we have learned about cool features that treadmills have to offer and we've taken a few models for 8-minute test-runs. So where does this take us next? As we've noted before, buying a treadmill is a key step to building one's home gym. From walking to running, it's one of the greatest and most useful forms of exercise one can do - both from an ease of use and a familiarity standpoint. If there is one form of exercise you want to be able to do in to your golden years,...

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How to buy a treadmill (Part 2)

As mentioned last week, understanding the key features that treadmills have to offer is essential while on your quest for a treadmill. Sometimes the task of looking at all the brochures, websites, and the variety of prices can seem quite daunting. So what's the next step? This brings us to part 2 of a 3 part series on "How to buy a treadmill". This week we focus on how the treadmills feel , not how they spec out . Try to remember the last time you bought a pair of shoes that were just...

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How to buy a treadmill (Part 1)

Buying a treadmill is a major step in building your home gym. Do not take the leap until you have considered these tips on treadmill types, key features, cost, and product reviews. Part I: Things to consider when buying a treadmill Every treadmill is essentially the same, much as every car has four wheels, two bumpers and an engine, and so too, there are common traits every treadmill share. However, the materials making up these features can vary as much as apples to oranges. So, take note...

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